13 of Our Favorite Game of Thrones Memes to Get You Excited About Tonight's Finale

Photo: Courtesy HBO

GOT is almost over, and we're already feeling nostalgic. (You can't just javelin throw kill Viserion to turn him into a white walker and expect us not to have All. The. Feels.). So we've turned to the Internet, because the Internet makes us laugh. And we've dug through the deepest rabbit holes to find the very best of the best in Game of Thrones meme-dom. Scroll through below to relive your favorite moments ahead of tonight's finale.

1. Referencing Another Epic Series

Sean Bean (Ned Stark/Boromir) isn't the only connection to The Lord of the Rings. Plenty of memes connect the storylines, but this is likely our favorite.

2. The Winter Dress

If the outfit is on, she's going.

3. The Javelin Throw to End All Javelin Throws

In an alternate universe, these characters would dominate the Olympics.

4. The Longest Title

Filling out forms must be a nightmare.

5. Jaime's Foolishness

How many times was Jaime Lannister called a fool in the last episode? We're guessing that's what happens when you go up against the Dothraki, let alone a dragon.

6. Olenna Tyrell's Winning Death Scene

Can we just acknowledge that Olenna Tyrell is a boss?

7. The Citadel or Belle's Library?

We all feel for Samwell Tarly.

8. Jorah the Friend Zone Master

Will Dany's heart every be his? Unlikely. But the memes are great.

9. Bend the Knee!

Check out that knee bend, Dany.

10. Major

Slow your roll, Samwell. Something major just happened.

11. As The Friend Zone Grows

What would we ever do without these Jorah friend zone memes?

12. Modern Tech

We're going to miss all these bend the knee memes. But we can reminisce.

13. Just keep rowing, Gendry

He's back! And, spoiler alert, Gendry hasn't been rowing this whole time contrary to popular meme-belief.

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