By Lia Beck
Updated Mar 05, 2019 @ 10:45 am
Cassie Bachelor
Credit: ABC

The Bachelor season 23 is not going as Colton Underwood expected it to. Not only was Colton ready to lose his virginity in the fantasy suite during Monday night’s episode, but he was ready to have sex with one woman in particular.

And then she left the show.

In a surprise twist in one of the final episodes, Cassie said she wanted to go home, and in turn, Colton admitted he was in love with her. In fact, he said he was only staying on the show for her. Cassie still decided to leave. Colton then chose to completely flee the scene and the producers, Colton proceeded to — finally — jump over that fence and head off to god knows where.

If you watched the fantasy suite episode, you know that Colton and Cassie’s talk was frustrating, especially because it seemed like she wasn’t hearing what he was saying. Cassie repeatedly said that her issue was that she didn’t know if she could fall in love with only two weeks remaining. And Colton repeatedly told her it was fine to look outside the time constraints of the show, and that they didn’t have to get engaged at the end. He would be with her in whatever form she felt comfortable with.

“I’m not asking you to make a decision,” Colton said. “I don’t want you to make a decision tonight. I want to be with you.” She didn’t respond to these suggestions, except to keep saying she was worried about the timing.

But outside of what they said, it was where they said it that brings up another issue that can’t be overlooked: They could have had this conversation in the fantasy suite. They were just about to go in, anyway. Cassie and Colton could have talked this out in the privacy of their luxurious Portuguese hotel room and come to some sort of understanding. From what we saw, it felt like they weren’t even having the same conversation. If Cassie could have taken the time to understand that she didn’t have to get engaged in a week, maybe things could have turned out differently.

Cassie Bachelor
Credit: ABC

And even if the timing wasn’t Cassie’s only issue, talking things out in private still could have helped them reach a more fully formed conclusion. It’s not that Cassie should have gone to the fantasy suite just so Colton could convince her to stay, show be damned, but so she could share everything she was thinking, too. Cassie’s repetitiveness about the timing and the pressure of the show raised the question of whether that was really all that was going on in her mind. Hey, maybe she just wasn’t that into Colton and thought the timing issue was a good excuse. Maybe she didn’t expect to get so far on the show and was shocked the lead really fell in love with her. In the fantasy suite, she’d be able to share all of her feelings without worrying about all of Bachelor Nation judging her.

Regardless of how she felt, it’s understandable that Cassie would be blindsided by Colton admitting he was in love with her and that he was cool with not getting engaged. Up until that moment, he could have been totally in love with any of the three women left on the show. Colton’s unexpected confession obviously threw her for a loop, but maybe the outcome would have been different if they’d just talked things through in fantasy suite.

Of course, not going to the fantasy suite probably had a little something to do with the producers. This is a TV show after all, and if Cassie expressed that she was considering leaving, they would want that on film. But, she could have had these doubts and said she still wanted to go to the suite to figure things out. Plus, if Cassie and Colton still broke up afterward, that footage could have been caught the next day. Remember Juan Pablo and Andi’s epic post-fantasy suite breakup?

Barring suddenly realizing you hate the other person, there’s really no reason to not go in the fantasy suite — not to have sex, necessarily, but to actually be alone. It’s ironic considering the name, but the fantasy suite is the one place the people on this show can really be themselves and act like a normal couple — or like two normal people who aren’t sure what they want to do. Plus, there’s champagne in there. There are snacks. There’s a glorious bathtub. There’s the chance to talk to someone you’ve basically only ever spoken to while mic’d up for hours on end so you can find out if you’re actually compatible. And when you wake up the next morning, there’s clarity — not to mention, room service.