Everything We Know About 'You' Season 4

New city, new friends, new ... enemies?

Everything to Know About You Season 4
Photo: Netflix

Penn Badgley's hit Netflix show, You, is coming back for a fourth season of intrigue, bibliophile allure, and all the creepy narration and slow-motion eye locks that fans have come to know and love. While past seasons have taken viewers to New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, everything (spoiler) went up in flames for Joe Goldberg and he had to escape to Paris. While fans expected the show to follow in another Netflix show's very well-heeled footsteps, it appears there's only room for Emily Cooper in the City of Lights, because according to a tweet from the show's official account, things are getting set up in London.

Netflix shared an image of two director's chairs. One had a collection of very British books from the likes of Charles Dickens, WilliamThackeray, and Arthur Conan Doyle and the other showed Badgley lounging in a chair marked Joe (guess he dropped Will Bettelheim for good). Here's everything we know so far about everyone's favorite Netflix guilty pleasure.

Is there a trailer for You season 4?

On Jan. 9, Netflix released a trailer for season 4 of You. In the clip, fans can see him getting mingling with what he calls "a circle of privileged douchebags," though he does mention that he "misses having somebody out there." Cue the questionable stalking behavior. Eventually, he does manage to find someone who catches his eye and he goes on to ask, "Why does the universe keep doing this to me?"

This season's twist may be the fact that Joe has a stalker of his own. In the trailer, we see an anonymous stalker sending him ominous messages.

"I ran away from all this, but one of you is watching me," Joe says. "One of you is hiding in plain sight. So who are ... you?" he asks. "I just want my little European holiday back."

Who is in You season 4?

In addition to Badgley, Deadline reports that Tilly Keeper is a newcomer playing a character named Lady Phoebe, Amy Leigh Hickman will join as a character named Nadia, and Charlotte Ritchie as Kate. As for the guys, Lukas Gage, fresh of The White Lotus and Euphoria, will play a character named Adam and Ed Speleers will give life to a character named Rhys. Additional cast members include Brad Alexander, Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Ben Wiggins, Stephen Hagan, and Eve Austin.

Where is You season 4 set?

While Paris may make an appearance, it looks like London is the main setting for the show's fourth season.

"Every season of the show is new place, a new conversation about love with a lowercase L," showrunner Sera Gamble told TVLine in October 2021. "I would be excited to do a European season. I think that would be so fun. One of the questions we always ask on this show is, What pool of privileged douchebags do we want to throw Joe into next? And there are a lot of untapped pools around the world, if you just leave the borders of the United States."

When will You season 4 be on Netflix?

Part one of You's fourth season will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 9. The rest of the season arrives on the streamer on Mar. 9, 2023.

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