Maddie Ziegler LEAD
Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty

This girl's got moves! But, you probably already knew that. After making a name for herself as the hypnotic, elegantly spastic dancer in Sia's "Chandelier" video, Maddie Ziegler has consistently proved that she's no one-hit wonder.

For one, The precocious teen was just tapped to star alongside Naomi Watts in The Book of Henry. And now, the dance queen is back—and excellently costumed—in a new video for Portugal. The Man.

Maddie took to Instagram today to post a snap from the video's set. Wearing an eclectic lewk that includes each of the following: a royal-blue turban, a fur shrug, and Mary Janes over patterned socks, Maddie serves a madcap version of Margot Tennenbaum.

And you should see that outfit move! In the video, the dancers slink around an abandoned building, snapping their fingers and shimmying their shoulders all the while.

But, fair warning: though the song will get instantly caught in your head, the plot line here may take some mulling. Take a look for yourself:

Books, a plotted murder, a green distress symbol, a bunny rabbit... what can it all mean? Oh well, guess we'll just have to listen again. Go ahead and twist our arm.