By Samantha Simon
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
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Colbie Caillat Facebook Live LEAD
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Colbie Caillat is back with new music—and it’s catchier than ever. Seriously, if you thought her hit song “Bubbly” got stuck in your head, wait until you hear “Goldmine.” Caillat just debuted the track—which is the first single from her upcoming album, The Malibu Sessions (due out October 7th)—last Friday, and she stopped by InStyle’s New York City headquarters earlier today to chat all things music and treat us to a performance of her new song.

“This whole album—the sound, the style—is inspired by Paul Simon’s album, Graceland,” Caillat told us during a live broadcast on our Facebook page. “I really wanted to make an album that sounded like it came from the ‘70s: classic rock, a lot of harmonies, and a lot of acoustic guitars.” To get the sound just right, Caillat spent two months living in a Malibu beach house with her producer, her friends, and her fiancé, musician Justin Young. To give the album an authentic ’70s vibe, “We recorded everything on vintage equipment and used vintage instruments,” said Caillat. “It was really a process.”

Luckily, the Malibu-born singer found plenty of inspiration while staying in her beachfront hometown. “It’s just a fun place to be,” she said. “The lifestyle is very healthy, and everyone is active. And on sunny days, it is absolutely sunny.” This fall, Caillat is leaving the California coast behind and heading out on tour. Kicking off on October 8—the day after her album drops—she’ll be serving up some new songs for her fans, and in a whole new way. “It’s the first acoustic tour I’ve ever done, and it’s really different because I’m playing this new album in its entirety,” she said. “We’re playing all eleven songs from start to finish, and then we’re playing some hits at the end. It’s going to be more of a storyteller’s kind of concert.”

As for what she’s most looking forward to? “The best part is that I have my best friends and my fiancée as my band members and as my openers, so we’re all traveling on one bus with my dogs,” said Caillat. “It’s really just going to be like a family and friends getaway.” But there will still be plenty of couple time for Caillat and Young. “We’re homebodies,” she said, adding, “Date night is every night. Dinner at home and hanging out with our three dogs—that is ideal. We don’t have to leave the house.”

And when they hit the road for tour, they’ll be enjoying life on the road rather than stressing out about wedding planning. “We’re super laid-back with it, and we’re not sure what we want to do,” said Caillat. “But we’re kind of open to something spontaneous, whenever we feel like it.” For now, Caillat is just enjoying performing her romantic ballads for others—her favorite of which is featured on her upcoming album. “It’s called “Never Got Away,” she said. “I’m actually going to sing it on the Today Show on Thursday, and it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever written. It’s just really fun to sing.” Added Caillat, “I think it’s the most romantic song I’ve ever written.”

Press play on the video below to watch our full interview with Caillat and see her perform “Goldmine,” now available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

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