Carrie Underwood ACM performance lead
Credit: Ethan Miller

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Carrie Underwood. She’s one of my favorite singers, and one of the few artists that routinely appeals to my country music sensibilities. During her season of American Idol in 2005, I feverishly dialed the hotlines to cast my vote. To say I'm invested in her career is an understatement.

Luckily for me, she is hugely successful.

In the 13 years since she took home the top Idol prize, the "Jesus Take the Wheel" singer has recorded six studio albums, hosted the CMA Awards a whopping 11 times, and appeared on countless magazine covers, all while juggling marriage and motherhood. Underwood is notorious for keeping her private life private, but recent events —like the fall heard 'round the world — have given fans a glimpse beyond the veil of Underwood's home life. And lucky for us, her latest studio album "Cry Pretty" (available Sept. 14) is laced with what could have been clues about what's really going on in Underwood's world.

Video: Carrie Underwood is Pregnant With Her Second Child

1. The Fall

Let's talk about the fall. Back in November 2017, just days after hosting the the 2017 CMA Awards, Underwood reportedly slipped and fell, incurring a wrist injury and 40 stitches. In the months following the incident, the singer shied away from the public eye and went to extreme measures to keep her face hidden.

With all the speculation surrounding her face altering wipe-out, it's really no surprise that the new album's first single and title track "Cry Pretty" seems to address the incident.

Oh no you can’t dress it up in lace or rhinestones/ It don’t matter if you’re in a crowd, or home all alone/ Yeah it’s all the same when you’re looking in the mirror/ A picture of pain, so let it flow like a river

Sounds like she's been on a journey of self-reflection, both literally and figuratively.

2. Her Relationship With Her Husband

If there's one thing Underwood isn't shy about sharing with the public, it's her love for her husband. And while the singer never gives us too many details about their life together, she sure does love to gush about her hockey player beau when she gets the chance.

But, as any high profile couple knows, even smiley Instagram posts won't keep the naysayers from trying to poke holes in any love story. Fisher, who recently came out of a very brief retirement from the NHL, has no problem taking on internet trolls. But we think Underwood prefers to let her music speak to those personal matters. Tracks from the new album like "End up With You" and "Kingdom" just reinforce that Underwood and her guy have, as Fisher told one especially bold Instagram commenter, "...never been better. Thanks."

3. Her Pregnancy

Underwood announced on Instagram last month that she's expecting her second child with Fisher. She even put her baby bump on display in her music video for her latest single, "Love Wins." But recent comments the singer made about her age and fertility, compounded with rumors from gossip mags left fans wondering if maybe the star had experienced some some trouble conceiving. Underwood did say, herself, that she waited extra long to even announce her pregnancy... just in case.

On the surface, "Love Wins" sounds like it could be a nod to the current political and social landscape.

Sometimes it takes a lot of faith/ To keep believing there will come a day/ When the tears and the sadness/the pain and the hate/ The struggle, this madness will all fade away

Personally, though, I think it may actually be the anthem of a mom who wants a better world for her children to grow up in.

And for those who think Underwood's recent wardrobe choices have been hinting at the gender of baby number two, the hot pink dress worn in the "Love Wins" video is sure to ignite even more speculation. Check it out below.