By Glynis Costin
Updated Sep 22, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Credit: Sam Emerson/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

There are seven reasons to go see The Magnificent Seven when it hits theaters this Friday, Sept. 23: Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt ... Ok, I’m kidding. But the infinitely likeable Pratt, who plays wisecracking Irish hustler Josh Faraday is definitely one of the highlights of this entertaining (yet somewhat violent) Western, offering both comic relief and guy-next door sex appeal.

Using card tricks and sassy repartee to disarm his foes, InStyle's September Man of Style Pratt’s the guy you want on your side—not just because he wins, but because he’s so damn charming.

A remake of John Sturges's 1960 film of the same name that starred Yul Brynner (which was actually a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai), this one, directed by Antoine Fuqua, has been updated with an ethnically diverse cast, led by Denzel Washington as slick bounty hunter Sam Chisholm, a take-no-prisoners, imposing figure clad in all black from his hat to his boots and even his horse.

Credit: Sam Emerson/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

There’s also Ethan Hawke (as skittish sharpshooter, Goodnight), Byung–hun Lee, (as knife pro, Billy Rocks), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, (as fearless outlaw, Vasquez), Vincent D’Onofrio (as quirky fur trapper, Jack Horne), and Martin Sensmeier (as bow and arrow expert, Red Harvest)—all rounding out the “seven."

This motley crew is hired by Rosewood resident Emma Cullen (played by the gorgeous Haley Bennett) to get revenge on and protect the town from the blood- and money-thirsty industrialist, Bartholomew Bogue (played by Peter Sarsgaard), after he guns down her husband Matthew (Matt Bomber) and sets fire to the town church.

Credit: Sam Emerson/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

Side note: Sarsgaard is an excellent bad guy—his watery red eyes resemble a rat’s and his soul feels void of empathy as he bilks the townsfolk for everything they've got. But it’s a shame that Bennett, who will also star in The Girl on the Train and The Rules Don’t Apply this fall, didn’t have an even bigger part. She’s fun to watch and mark my words, she’s going to be big!

The plot is pretty basic: After the seven guys combine forces, there’s some practice shooting, drinking, punching, knife throwing (did I mention the drinking?), blowing stuff up, and enough smart ass quips and bromance moments to fill a buddy cop flick. And it all leads up to the climatic, bloody shoot-out against Sarsgaard and his evil posse.

Cinephiles will likely argue that the original was more weighty and obviously more groundbreaking than its modern counterpart, which may be true. But I really enjoyed this film and I’m not even a Western fan, nor can I usually tolerate much violence.

I won’t tell you how it ends, but let's just say it's both satisfying and sad. Bring your boyfriend, your dad or your brother, and get ready for a cinematic experience you won't soon forget.

The Magnificent Seven is out in theaters this Friday, Sept. 23.