With a Sex and the City revival in the works, and Jennifer Hudson "down" to reprise her role, I couldn't help but wonder: Would She still carry that colorful LV satchel?

By Samantha Sutton
Jan 18, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: New Line/Kobal/Shutterstock

When the news first broke that Jennifer Hudson was down to reprise her role as Louise in the Sex and the City revival, InStyle's Slack channel began pinging like mad. Editors didn't hold back from sharing their thoughts on the famous role of Carrie's assistant — and, yes, that included commenting on her memorable fashion choices and accessories.

"She was so ahead of her time with those bag rentals," one editor remarked, reminding us how Louise used Bag Borrow or Steal to swap out her purses. Others quoted the character's famous lines ("Louise from St. Louis!"), which were quickly met by various laughing emoji. Eventually, though, the conversation shifted to address what Bradshaw gifts her assistant for the holidays. We all remember the scene where Louise is handed a Louis Vuitton box, only to open it and find that it held the opposite of a subtle brown something: An eggplant, red, and yellow Neon Noir Monogram Motard Firebird bag. It was...unique, to say the least.

While this limited-edition purse was designed by literal icons — artist Richard Prince and then-creative director Marc Jacobs — it was kind of an over-the-top style, mostly due to that color combo. 2008's "It" bags were much more in line with those Louis Vuitton classics, such as the Speedy, which is still beloved today because of its timelessness and versatility. What's more, the Motard Firebird was an investment; according to the account @everyoutfitonsatc, its price tag was a whopping $5,400. Carrie was really taking a risk hoping Louise would like the one-of-a-kind buy.

Taking all of this into account, and the fact that her assistant talked about the iconic brand kind of a lot, I'm still confused as to why Carrie wouldn't just start Louise off with a classic. This was her first Louis Vuitton bag — wouldn't it have been better to get her something she could wear with everything, every day, and keep in her rotation for years to come? We're talking any sized Speedy, Alma, or Papillon. Given how quickly styles change and evolve, a well-known, neutral alternative would likely get more use than this trendy find.

Louis Vuitton
Credit: BILLY FARRELL/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Of course, I could just be projecting. Personally, the aughts was a decade in which I desperately wanted to blend in, not stand out. Sure, I envied Carrie's wardrobe, but in public, I felt it was cooler to have whatever everyone else had — the Michael Kors watch, the North Face puffer, the True Religion jeans, etc. No one I knew had a Motard Firebird. That bag was probably too advanced and special to be appreciated. I would have been stumped at how to style it.

In the end, Louise made it work. She wore the bag with a variety of outfits, and seemed to be genuinely excited to receive it (also, yes, I am aware this is a fictional character in a wholly unrealistic franchise).

But, what would the former assistant have done with this colorful Louis Vuitton bag since then? Is it packed safely in a box and kept in the back of her closet? Does she prominently display it on a shelf like some sort of decor? Did she try selling it on a resale site, where it's still going for thousands of dollars? Does she break it out for special occasions and wonder if Bella Hadid will be spotted with it soon?

While this particular bag was not love at first sight for me, these days, I (obviously) wouldn't mind owning such a rare, non-basic accessory. If I saw a Motard Firebird out in the wild in 2021, over a decade later, I would assume the wearer was in-the-know, or enjoys expressing their personal sense of style — a "rule" that has since become important for me whenever I buy new clothes.

I'm hoping that Hudson does return as Louise in the new series, and that her character gives us an update on her handbag collection. Perhaps Carrie, now a conscious consumer, is browsing eBay for a new bag, spots the Firebird, and realizes Louise is the seller which kicks off a reunion of the two successful women. Just a thought — and you can have that idea for free, HBO Max!