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Amy Schumer isn’t afraid to go there. Her Inside Amy Schumer sketches are recognized for their biting honesty and, of course, Schumer’s signature humor. Raunchiness is part of the shtick. Like her idol the late Joan Rivers, she says it like it is and writes her sketches the same way.

Her Comedy Central show zeros in on everything from breakups to women’s issues and everything in between. Some topics are more light-hearted and easily relatable, like a skit about breaking up likened to a Say Yes to the Dress episode. Others give us an ever-ironic kick in the butt to notice social absurdities we see every day, like Hollywood’s ridiculous penchant for seeing women’s age as a sexiness indicator, society’s tunnel-vision focus on “bad” eating habits, and much more.

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Regardless of topic, Schumer’s work is bound to make us laugh. And we’ve rounded up her most hilarious Inside Amy Schumer sketches of all time that are just as relevant as they are funny. Scroll through below to check them out.

1. “I’m So Bad”

In this sketch, four women go out to lunch discuss their “bad” overeating episodes from the previous week while completely ignoring the other truly horrible things they’ve done. Schumer hilariously targets our hyper-focus on weight and eating habits that seem to take precedence over all our other actions, as morally shameful as they may be.

2. “Last F**kable Day”

Arguably the most well-known skit from Inside Amy Schumer stars Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The ladies invite Schumer to join them in celebrating Louis-Dreyfus’s “last f-able day,” or the last day Hollywood decides she’s young enough to be considered desirable. The roundtable of comedians is hilarious, but the targeted call out on ageism in the industry takes this sketch to another level.

3. “Debating the Dildo”

If you don’t curb your double standards, Schumer is coming for you. In this episode-long black and white remake of 12 Angry Men, Schumer’s all-star cast debates whether she is hot enough to be on TV and whether or not it acceptable for her to use a dildo.

4. “Football Town Nights”

Leave it to Schumer to take on Friday Night Lights, rape culture, and wine jokes all in one sketch. In her most gif-able skit, Amy can be seen guzzling larger and larger glasses of white wine while her husband, a Coach Taylor lookalike (Josh Charles), deals with a football team confused about his radical “no raping” rule.

5. “New Body”

Schumer takes on dieting and body image again with this skit focused on a store that sells clothes for a woman’s “goal size.” It will make you think twice about buying that goal dress, perhaps in favor of celebrating your actual body.

6. “Milk Milk Lemonade”

Sexy music video with fart jokes? Check. Schumer’s “Milk Milk Lemonade” video is a special tribute to every lady’s behind. The catchy tune, featuring Amber Rose and rapper Method Man, offsets all too real lyrics that are sure to make you laugh, and maybe cringe just a little.

7. “Compliments”

This nuanced sketch calls out every friend you’ve had who just can’t take a compliment. You know, that one BFF who just can’t say “Thank you” and move on?

8. “My Dream Breakup”

If you’ve ever been hooked on Say Yes to the Dress, this skit will have you in stitches. Schumer blindsides her unsuspecting boyfriend with a breakup orchestrated by a quick-witted “professional” breakup artist.

9. “The Foodroom”

You’ll never look at apple slices, or an Aaron Sorkin project, quite the same way again after seeing this sketch. This parody in the style of Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” takes place in a fast-food restaurant featuring Josh Charles as an out-of-touch manager hell-bent on getting his way. Give him fries or give him death, America.