By Mariah Smith
Updated Feb 11, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Oneyka Bachelor
Credit: ABC

On Monday night, we’ll (hopefully?) see the end of one of the most annnoying Bachelor squabbles yet. The fight is a continuation from last week, and is occuring between contestants Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Onyeka Ehie. It also seems to have no real purpose — but then again, I'm not sure if these fights ever really do.

Despite the soul-crushing pointlessness of it all, here's the rundown: At the end of last week’s episode, Colton simply hung his head and walked away as Nicole and Onyeka continued to yell at each other over the rumor Onyeka spread that Nicole was simply on the show to make it out of Miami. Onyeka allegedly heard this rumor from Elyse before her departure. Nicole, of course, denies the allegations. Frontrunner Taysia was present for the conversation between Onyeka and Elyse and claims it didn't happen. So, what conclusion can one draw from that? Perhaps Onyeka, seemingly getting that tingly sensation she’d be eliminated soon, decided to stir up some drama, make herself a last minute villain of the season, and guarantee a one way ticket to Mexico for Paradise.

If true, it's quite the scheme — and made me want to get to know Onyeka a little better. Here's what I found out.

At 24, the Manhattan, Kansas born and Dallas, Texas transplant, Onyeka is an IT Risk Consultant, and according to her LinkedIn she’s not only “a highly ambicious (sic) IT Audit Associate with KPMG,” she’s also got a Master’s degree in accounting that she earned in 2017.

And sure, she's book smart, but she also seems well-versed in the matter of potentially stealing your man. As she told ABC, he favorite pick-up line is "You look so familiar,” basically ensuring she’ll score at minimum a conversation with any man of her choosing. Sadly, these sort of dating shenanigans have yet to work out for her during this season, but at the very least she can use this line on a number of FitTea employees to ensure she has an Instagram hustle the minute she leaves the show.

Though nothing’s guaranteed, considering Colton’s visceral reaction to Nicole and Onyeka’s word vomit and Reality Steve, chances are Onyeka will be saying goodbye to Colton and our TV screens tonight. Had Onyeka not gambled and used a made up feud to get more face time with Colton, she could have been a serious contender for Colton’s final rose. She loves dogs, especially her puppy Smokey, she’s a fan of football, fitness and charity. But, most importantly, she’s no stranger to fast love connections. As she told Colton, her parents, both Nigerian, met and got engaged within towo weeks and they’ve been married for over 35 years. So, a month or two dating Colton and sharing his time with over a dozen other women, doesn’t seem too daunting for Onyeka.

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Sadly, Onyeka made her choice to try and villainize Nicole while showing her true colors instead, which means she will not win Colton’s heart nor the hearts of fans. However, Onyeka has set herself up nicely for a Bachelor Nation redemption tour and at the very least an internship in a music studio since her dream job is that of a music producer. Oh, Onyeka, you could have made it so far, but we thank you for putting in the work to become an unforgettable Bachelor contestant. We wish you well, and we’ll probably see you in Mexico.