Meet Demi Burnett, The Bachelor's Leading Villain

Demi Bachelor
Photo: ABC

The Bachelor’s Demi Burnett is bold, not here to make friends, and won’t let you forget it. Starting off season 23 as the number one villain — or at the very least, the number one mansion nuisance — Demi has certainly done her part to alienate her sister-girlfriends. In fact, you might even argue that she's put more effort into that than she has to win Colton Underwood‘s heart.

In the past few weeks, the young ‘interior designer’ (more on that later), has made a point to whisk Colton away from 95 percent of his conversations with other women, taken Colton to her bedroom for a massage, spanked him with a paddle and toured his body with a prosthetic hand. Those last two things she did while he was blindfolded, by the way. And, when she finds the time, she accuses castmates who are older than her of being insecure or jealous because they’re not young and dating past 27, according to Demi, is like dating past 87.

But, who is this wild card, aside from a rose-and-blood-hungry competitor? How old is Demi? What does she do? And what's up with her Instagram? Well, according to ABC, Demi is a 23-year-old interior decorator with aspirations “to be the first petite Victoria's Secret Angel—with an entourage known as the ‘Demi Angels.’” Quite the pivot from interior design, but sure, fine. Demi is from Red Oak, Texas, and considers herself to be “super bubbly,” despite the fact that her mom, Tina, was in federal prison for embezzlement during the time Demi was away filming The Bachelor. This Demi was very open about during the season’s first episode. She was also open about her sex life and concern with dating a virgin like Colton.

“I know that he's a virgin," Burnett told the cameras in one episode, "Which is kind of concerning. If you've only ever had a vanilla cupcake, well, how do you know you don't like chocolate? How do you know you don't like strawberry? So you've got to try out all the cupcakes first to know what you really want. I'm the damn confetti cake.”

Demi’s very open mind and outgoing personality lines up with her extremely influencer-ready Instagram. Regular Bachelor tea spiller Reality Steve pointed out that her account was locked as of September 20, 2018, but now it’s public with under 100 posts. Demi is also under scrutiny for defining herself as an interior designer, despite having no digital footprint to say as much. She does, however, have an Explore Talent page that lists Demi as aspiring actress and model, most interested in the following jobs: Commercial Auditions, Episodic TV, Feature Film Casting, Student Films, Short Film Projects, Documentaries, Low Budget/Independent Film, Infomercial Jobs, Industrial and Training Films, Modeling Jobs, Hair Cosmetics Modeling Jobs, Print Music Jobs ,Videos, Internet Jobs, Crew Jobs, Make Up Stylist and Reality TV Casting.

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Basically, Demi just wants to be in front of a camera and she’d be happy. And, like she did with her Instagram, she’s seeking to make sure she’s putting the best image out there. Earlier this month, she was seen with notorious villain of Big Brother and serial reality TV contestant, Paulie Calafiore. Paulie, the ex of another Bachelor contestant Danielle Maltby (he cheated on Danielle with his Challenge castmate Cara Maria Sorbello), was rumored to he helping Demi cope with and understand her role as a reality show villain. Something tells us she'll get the role down to a tee.

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