'Malcolm & Marie' 's First Trailer Features Tense Cooking and Good Formal Wear

Zendaya and John David Washington star as a bickering couple in Netflix's upcoming film.

The mysterious Malcolm & Marie is less than a month out from gracing our screens and we finally have a full, nearly 3-minute trailer of Netflix's anticipated film.

Previously, all we had were general (though no doubt appealing) headlines: Zendaya. John David Washington. Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. Black-and-white. Zendaya. Zendaya. Z-E-N-D-A-Y-A (is Meechee).

The film has been described as focusing on a director (Washington) and his girlfriend (Zendaya) in the hours after they've returned home from his film premiere, but other details have remained limited in the months since Malcolm & Marie's production was announced over the summer.

Malcolm & Marie

And now, look at this embarrassment of riches … We have First Lady Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman tensely slicing butter and straining rice in an immaculate kitchen while dressed in a sternum-baring cocktail dress. We have earnest patio smoking breaks. We have the on-screen directive that "This is not a love story" — rather, "This is the story of love."

Wow, couples fighting! Loungewear! Passive-aggressive cooking! This is truly a quarantine movie. Malcolm & Marie hits Netflix Feb. 5.

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