Everything You Need to Know About Showtime's 'Love Fraud'

The four-part docuseries details the crimes of con artist Richard Scott Smith

NEWS: Everything You Need to Know About Showtime’s Love Fraud
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Showtime’s upcoming four-part documentary profiles Richard Scott Smith, a con-artist, who habitually attracted middle-aged women, flushed their assets and disappeared out of the blue. Relying on the facade of fictitious companies, numerous identities, and the trust of his victims, Smith, the serial husband, weaved a tangled web of lies for his own greedy intentions. Love Fraud provides a detailed exposé of a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, posing the dangers of falling for the wrong person too fast.

Carla, the no-nonsense bounty hunter featured in the docuseries, reflected on the villainous subject, stating, “He makes enough money to support his habits. Like new trucks and new Harleys. He’s a good con man but he’s not a big dollar con man. He goes after middle-income women who have just enough money to make him look good, meanwhile, he drains them of everything they’ve worked their whole lives for. And it’s not that much.”

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Who is Richard Scott Smith?

Richard Scott Smith, or rather, Rick, Scott, or Mickey, was referred to as a bigamist and con-artist. He reeled in his victims on multiple dating sites under various aliases, posing as a devoutly religious pilot and the owner of his own real estate company. Quick to propose after nearly a month into dating, Smith repeatedly combined checking accounts, purchased material items like sports cars and houses under the names of the women he was dating, engaged, or married to at the time, all the while ruining their credit and sinking them into debt.

Seemingly nothing could stop his repeated antics: not his violated warrants, or the desperate departures from Kansas City to Wichita to Knoxville, or the hovering possibility of vengeance by his exes.

The documentary also uncovers Smith’s painful childhood when his divorced parents verbally and physically abused him.

Who are the women in Love Fraud?

NEWS: Everything You Need to Know About Showtime’s Love Fraud


The documentary began with Tracy, a woman in her 40s looking for “the one.” After her seemingly genuine relationship with “Mickey” moved too quickly, her kids grew suspicious and discovered new, discomforting details about the man for which Tracy fell.


Ellen explained that she and Smith were inseparable. She disclosed his plans to marry and move to Belize, and even posing the threat she could not be extradited if they did go through with the move.


Highlighted as one of the main women actively seeking revenge and “Mickey’s” whereabouts, Sabrina was lured into the whirlwind romance through constant showers of gifts and the reassurance following his impulsive tattoo of her name on his arm.


One of many former lovers, Sandi shared her story of horrific physical abuse at the hand of Smith.


Jean was married to “Scott” for nine months before she realized the situation at hand. Sandi revealed the truth to Jean, which led her to the infamous blog created by Scott’s sixth wife. The blog was created to expose Smith, proving just how easily and often he victimized women. The blog was utilized by former wives and girlfriends in order to record his patterns and whereabouts both from the past and in real-time.


Deep in 39 years of marriage to her husband, Jim, Karla, explained that she felt neglected by her spouse. After meeting “Rick” at a karaoke bar, Karla was smitten. Unbeknownst to her, Karla was being swindled just as so many were before her. Karla left her husband and kids, and moved to Wichita, becoming co-owner of a casual seafood restaurant called Krab Kingz with “Rick.” Shortly after, Krab Kingz gained popularity among patrons in the area, Smith disappeared, leaving the employees penniless.


Toni is Scott’s younger sister. The siblings hold a 20-year difference, which Smith used to his advantage when flirting with women. Toni explained that her brother told the women he dated that she was his daughter to appear as a desirable single dad.


Seemingly the sole woman to have claimed she and Scott ended on good terms, Lee, who often found herself easy to manipulate, detailed the loving relationship she and Scott once had. Lee’s father, Oscar, called Scott “the son-in-law he wished he had,” while Scott comfortably referred to Oscar as “dad.”


The fearless bounty hunter with a strong-willed, no BS attitude champions the documentary with her unwavering persistence in taking down Richard Scott Smith. A former victim of physical abuse from a past relationship herself, Carla felt a great deal of empathy for the women who were conned by Smith.

How Did Richard Scott Smith Get Caught?

NEWS: Everything You Need to Know About Showtime’s Love Fraud

With a team of Smith’s former victims, Carla, and a few private investigators, tracked him down and followed him after he left a motel where he’d spent the night with another woman. After years of unapologetic conning, he was finally arrested in a Knoxville mall parking lot. After being sentenced to 180 days of incarceration in Polk County Jail, Smith was seen six months later at a community pool, cuddled up with another woman. According to the aforementioned blog site, Smith remains in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

How can you watch Love Fraud?

Showtime will air new episodes every Sunday. They will be available for streaming the same day on Showtime’s streaming service, Showtime Anytime.

When is the Love Fraud release date?

Love Fraud premieres on Showtime and its streaming services this Sunday, August 30, at 9 P.M. New episodes will air every Sunday.

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