Jonathan Bailey Says He Can't Wait For Eloise's 'Bridgerton' Season

"I can't wait to walk Eloise down the aisle."

Jonathan Bailey Can't Wait For Eloise's Bridgerton Season
Photo: Netflix

Bridgerton fans are still buzzing from season 2, but they're probably just as excited for what's next — but so is the show's star, Jonathan Bailey. While he took center stage for the sophomore season, he says he's happy to sit back and enjoy the ride as the other Bridgerton siblings get married. In a new interview, he said that like all the viewers who can't get enough of the Ton, he wants to see what's next. An actor who's as big of a fan as everyone else? It's just one more reason to love him.

"I can't wait to walk Eloise down the aisle for so many reasons," bailey told E! News. "Partly because, if there's ever going to be another character that has a bigger arc as Anthony, in terms of having to overcome psychological warfare, it's going to be Eloise."

And because anyone who's already seen season 2 (and season 1, really) might be wondering about exactly how Eloise will get married — she's opposed to the whole idea, after all — Bailey says that he can't wait to see how it unfolds.

"I can't wait — as a fan — to see that evolution," he added.

Anyone who thinks the Netflix hit will follow the Julia Quinn series may be in for a surprise, however. New showrunner Jess Brownell could add a few twists to the source material, just like Chris Van Dusen did for seasons 1 and 2.

"We'll have to wait and see," Bailey said of how the Bridgerton family could go off-book.

Fans may have to wait to see Eloise's story come to an end, though, because Van Dusen said that Penelope may be taking the spotlight sooner than later.

"We did a lot of work in these first two seasons as far as setting up Penelope and Colin's love story," he told E! News back in March. "There's so much yearning and so much angst there that it's going to be really satisfying when the show gets to really focus on the two of them."

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