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Hayes Grier - Lead
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Hayes Grier has a busy week ahead of him. The 16-year-old social media star’s new docuseries, Top Grier, premieres today on Verizon’s Go90. And if that wasn’t enough, Grier’s first book, Hollywood Days with Hayes, comes out tomorrow. The book ($16; amazon.com) is based on Grier’s similarly-titled interactive story on the Episode app, which also drops on Nov. 16.

Hollywood Days with Hayes is a printed version of the game on the app,” Grier told InStyle when he recently visited InStyle's N.Y.C. offices. “Basically, when you open the app, it asks your name and you become the animated character who’s acting through the whole story. It’s similar to the Path to Fame game that Demi Lovato made with Pocket Gems.”

At the center of the story—both in the app and book—is a production assistant for a Hollywood action movie starring Grier. As the drama unfolds, fans who play the character on the app will be presented with the virtual opportunity to date—yes, date—Grier. “The way the story plays out is that this girl who I like is helping out on set, and something happens between us,” said Grier. “So yes, the part about dating me did get thrown in there for the game.” Eventually, it’s revealed that Grier’s love interest is blogging about him online—but from there, things don’t go as one might expect. “I figure out it’s her, but I don’t get mad at her,” said Grier, teasing that “something good actually happens.”

Hayes Grier Book - Embed
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The plot twists all came from Grier himself, and he had full control over how the story took shape. “I knew what I wanted it to be from the start,” he said, adding that “It definitely was an effort on the part of many people to make the story the way it is.” The one thing that Grier made absolutely certain was included in the story? “My dog, Zan,” he said.

Fans are also likely to get a glimpse of Zan on Top Grier, which was filmed over a three-month period at the star’s North Carolina home. “It’s basically a reality family show,” said Grier. “It follows me, my mom, my brother Nash—whenever he was able to come into town—and my buddies, and the whole concept is just us livin’ it up in North Carolina as much as we can.” As for what that entails? “We built a swimming pool, rode dirt bikes, and just did fun things the whole summer.”

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Grier thinks fans are going to glean a bit of insight into his true personality from the show. “I think it’s going to be very surprising when people watch it,” he said. “They’re going to see a new side of Hayes. They’ve already seen a scripted side, and now they’re going to see the actual me and how I am when there’s cameras rolling on me. I think that’s gonna be eye-opening for a lot of people, and I’m excited for it.”