And it's not just because she won't stop saying "roll tide."

By Lia Beck
Updated May 14, 2019 @ 11:00 am
Hannah B Bachelorette
Credit: ABC

The new season of The Bachelorette is here, and with it comes a woman who will make you fall into a southern accent, no matter where you’re from. The Bachelor contestant formerly known as Hannah B. is now the Bachelorette known as Hannah, and she gave viewers a good look into her personality on night one. It’s now clear that her season really is going to be different from any that have come before.

From her time on The Bachelor, we know that Hannah is a little bit awkward when put on the spot, wants “to be loved so fearlessly by somebody”, and says “roll tide” all the time. All of those things are still at play, but what’s interesting is how the show really is letting Hannah be herself in a way that is different from what we usually get. This is not to say that past Bachelorettes weren’t being themselves, but it usually feels like we don’t get to see all of their personality. With Hannah, we’re seeing her be awkward and wonder aloud if she’s doing things right. And since that’s how anyone would be in her position, it feels more natural to actually see it.

Hannah clearly is taking her “journey” seriously, and, who knows, maybe she’ll really end up with a lasting relationship in the end. Here’s what you can expect from her along the way.

She Won’t Be “Perfect”

It’s been clear since Hannah had that live segment during the finale of Colton’s Bachelor season that she might be a little awkward as the Bachelorette. Hell, it’s been clear since she tried to give that toast.

And that’s okay! Sometimes the Bachelors and Bachelorettes seem really poised and rehearsed in a way that makes it hard to put yourself in their shoes as a viewer watching at home; they don’t always seem like normal people. But, this season, the show is really open about the fact that Hannah is just a regular person, who sometimes can’t think on her feet. Part of this is Hannah just being Hannah — she really is nervous — but it has to be the editing, too. Surely, past Bachelorettes have doubted themselves in the role and said self-deprecating things, but on Hannah’s season, the show is leaving those comments in and letting that be part of her narrative.

Hannah not being “perfect” is definitely going to keep being a theme for her, and she gave a great speech about it on night one. “I’m not perfect,” she told her suitors. “I’m going to stumble over my words. I’m going to make mistakes — and you are, too. I don’t want perfect. I want real.”

She’ll Won’t Be Afraid To Tell Guys Off

On the premiere, Hannah found out that one of the men, Scott, had a girlfriend back home (or at least had been seeing someone, who he, apparently, was keeping on hold for when he returned home). Hannah’s reaction brought to mind that time Emily Maynard went “West Virginia hoodrat backwoods on his ass.”

“I know you were nervous coming in today,” she told Scott, “it might be because you have a girlfriend.” So, yeah, maybe she planned that opening line, but in the rest of the conversation she seemed authentically pissed at this guy’s nerve. As Bachelor in Paradise superstar Evan Bass put it on Twitter, “Hannah’s sweet spot is clearly calling dudes out on their bullshit AND I AM HERE FOR IT.” This needs to be part of her narrative, too.

Her Religion Will Play A Role

While religion does sometimes come up on The Bachelorette, it’s usually later into the season when things are getting serious. But this time around, Hannah was shown praying on her own after limo arrivals and asking God for confidence as she went into the next part of the evening. Her religion was brought up again, in a much different way, in the preview for the rest of the season. She was shown saying, “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me.” It was clearly an important statement for her to make…now we just need to know who she was talking to.

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“Roll Tide” Won’t Stop

There were at least eight “roll tides” on the premiere, and Alabama football fan Hannah wouldn’t have it any other way. She said “roll tide” during her hometown intro package. One guy said “roll tide” when he exited the limo on skates. A dude sung a song in which “roll tide” was a prominent lyric. “Roll tide” ain’t going anywhere.