12 Things We Want to See in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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In a matter of hours, the Gilmores will officially be back in our lives. And have we mentioned how excited we are for this reunion? Only a few months have gone by since we first learned about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but it feels like we’ve been counting down since the minute the original series ended back in 2007.

On Friday, Nov. 25, it’ll finally be time to get back in the Stars Hollow swing of things—and we have seriously high hopes for what’s about to go down. While we already know to expect witty one-liners, the return of key characters, and season-centric storylines, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a few plot points in particular. Scroll down for 12 things that we’re dying to see.

1. Lorelei and Luke, back to their pre-breakup normal.

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For our last glimpse at Lorelai and Luke in the series finale, we saw the couple finally realize that they were meant to be together at Rory’s goodbye party. While we were thrilled to see them kiss and make up, it didn’t quite erase their recent ups and downs (Luke keeping his newly discovered daughter a secret, Lorelai marrying Christopher, etc.) from our memory. Here’s to hoping that Lorelai and Luke have officially put their tumultuous days behind them and are now happily together. Oh, and if they’re married have a kid of their own, that would just be the cherry on top.

2. Rory in love.

When Gilmore Girls ended, Rory was ready to ride solo. She had just ended things with Logan, and she was headed out to cover Barack Obama on his presidential campaign trail (a reminder that, despite how relevant the series feels today, it did wrap in 2007, after all). From the trailer, it seems that Rory has lost her way a bit, at least career-wise. But while she struggles to find her way, does she have a new man by her side? Or a former flame, perhaps? Which brings us to …

3. The return of Jess, Dean, and Logan.

We’re downright pumped to see the boyfriends of Rory’s past back in action. It remains TBD whether or not she’s currently romantically linked with any of them, but we just want to catch up with the three guys who repeatedly made Rory swoon. While we’re pretty sure she’s outgrown her Dean phase (if it was going to work out between those two in the long run, it would have happened the second time they gave it a try), Jess is a solid contender. After all, he really got his life together and became a published author after leaving Stars Hollow behind. But again, Rory had another chance to rekindle that flame during the pair’s brief reunion in Season 6—and she chose her Yale boyfriend, Logan. Rory may have ultimately turned down Logan’s ill-timed marriage proposal at graduation, but something tells us these two weren’t entirely dunzo, and we’re excited to find out if they ever got back together.

4. Rory finding a new career she’s passionate about.

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When we last left Rory, her career as a journalist was moving full-speed ahead. But based on the new series’ trailer, things have pretty much stalled for her, professionally. She may be searching for some direction, but we’re not too worried about Rory. She’s brilliant, stubborn, and determined—and we have a feeling she’ll land on her feet just fine. Still, we’re looking forward to watching her navigate adulthood and the job market.

5. A sure-to-be touching tribute to Richard Gilmore.

This one is bound to be a tearjerker—albeit, an expected one. Following Edward Herrmann’s passing in 2014, we knew that it would hugely affect any future Gilmore Girls revival. And indeed, it will. The offscreen death of Hermann’s character, Richard will play a major role in the lives of Emily, Lorelai, and Rory, to say the least. In the trailer, we already saw a giant portrait of Richard that Emily erected in the living room—and there’s sure to be more heartbreaking nods to the Gilmore patriarch throughout the series revival.

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6. Emily dressing down.

One of the trailer’s most shocking scenes was Emily Gilmore wearing jeans and—gasp!—a T-shirt while “decluttering” her life and only keeping things that bring her joy. No doubt she’s going through hard times while coping with her husband’s death, but we’re intrigued by the historically rigid character’s latest look, and what it means for her story arc moving forward. Plus, since her jeans and T-shirt made the cut, it begs the question: Does casual clothing actually bring Emily Gilmore joy? We need more info, stat.

7. Paris, being Paris.

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Last we saw Paris, she had just decided to attend medical school after Yale graduation. She tried to end things with her college boyfriend, the equally neurotic Doyle, but he refused to “accept” her breakup. Instead, Doyle vowed to follow Paris wherever her career led—a majorly romantic moment for Paris, who was so oblivious to flirting and dating cues back when we first met her at Chilton that she didn’t even realize when she was asked on a date. Paris has undoubtedly come a long way since the series ended, and we’re hoping that she finally gave up having a life coach and just started living her life.

8. Sookie back in the kitchen.

Oh, Sookie. The clumsiest yet most talented chef in Stars Hollow never failed to make us smile. With four season-focused episodes in the revival, we’re counting on Sookie to make at least one, if not more, of her signature dishes. How exciting would it be if the fall episode features a Thanksgiving meal a la Sookie? We—and the Gilmores—would surely dig that.

9. The Dragonfly Inn thriving.

Lorelei and Sookie fulfilled their lifelong dreams when they opened The Dragonfly Inn back in Season 4. Despite a few setbacks in the beginning, the inn quickly became a hotspot for hosting Stars Hollow’s tourists (really, how could it not with Lorelai as the girlboss running things and Sookie in the kitchen?). Things were only looking up from there, and we’re thinking that The Dragonfly is more of a Stars Hollow staple than ever before. Let’s just hope that Michel was finally promoted from concierge.

10. Lane as a totally cool mom, and nothing like Mrs. Kim.

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Lane may not have been ready to become a mom so young, but we knew from the minute that her twin sons were born that she would be a total natural. She was already one of the most responsible teens ever thanks to her strict mother, Mrs. Kim, so there was never really any doubt that Lane could successfully take on parenting with the help of her super-mellow husband, Zack. It’ll be most interesting to see whether or not Mrs. Kim’s stern ways rubbed off on Lane, but we have a feeling that Lane is a cool mom who lets her kids listen to music, watch TV, and engage in discussions with the opposite sex outside of bible study.

11. Christopher as the single dad of a teenage girl.

After 20 years of their on-and-off relationship, things finally ended for Lorelei and Christopher in Season 7. After suddenly rekindling their romance following Lorelai’s fight with Luke, Rory’s parents tied the knot on a whim in Paris. But despite their love for one another—and the fact that they always seemed to find their way back to each other—Chris and Lorelai couldn’t make it work. We last saw him at Rory’s graduation from Yale, and we’re curious to see what happened next for Chris. His youngest daughter, Gigi, would be about 13 now, and if her toddler years were any indication of her teen years to come, Chris is in for quite the ride. TBD whether or not Gigi’s mom, Sherry, is back in the picture.

12. The Stars Hollow cast of characters celebrating seasonal town milestones in all their glory.

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We’re ready to welcome back the quirkiest Stars Hollow residents with open arms. While we can’t imagine that too much has changed for Kirk, Miss Patty, Babette, Taylor Doose, Gypsy, and the rest of the locals, it’s about time that they get together for a town meeting or a strangely-themed festival once again. Because we missed them. We really and truly did.

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