Ladies First Podcast with Laura Brown Episode 5: Naomi Watts on Tenacity

Naomi Watts talks about the grueling process of making a name for herself in Hollywood, on InStyle's podcast, Ladies First with Laura Brown.

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Naomi Watts on Tenacity: Episode 5: December 29, 2020

Ladies First with Laura Brown, Episode 5: Naomi Watts on Tenacity
Ben Watts

The two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts is known for her work in films like Mulholland Drive, The Ring, 21 Grams, I Heart Huckabees, and The Impossible. But the British-born Australian star hasn't always been a leading lady. Actually, prior to her success in acting, Watts was actually on a fast-track for a career in fashion. She went on to spend a good 10 years auditioning and paying her dues in bit roles before finding bigger success in acting. Watt and longtime pal Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of Instyle Magazine talk all about her fruitful career, life during Covid, fashion , and the less-glamorous days of dues-paying.

"When I was about 20, I was in the fashion industry. I was working for a magazine called Follow Me as a fashion assistant. I went into my office and called a meeting with my boss and said, 'I'm going to quit because I want to be an actress.' And he was like, 'Okay,'" she remembered with a laugh. "He went, 'Isn't that sweet?' He said, 'You can do that on your weekends. You can have a hobby. That's fine. Don't be silly.'"

The actress also opened up about just how grueling — physically and mentally — the auditioning process was.

"It was a long, long haul of trying to get hired," she said. "And that meant several auditions a day across town, learning your lines on the way, changing outfits on the way. There were plenty of times I felt like, 'Oh, I've got to throw in the towel here.' I did pack my bags several times thinking, 'This is it, I'm calling it a day, I'm going home.' But just in the nick of time, something would come through that would just incentivize me just a tiny bit more."

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