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We love to honor women who show up and get the job done, so now we're going to talk about it — and to the ladies doing the work. Hosted by InStyle's editor in chief Laura Brown, Ladies First with Laura Brown will feature guests like Michelle Pfeiffer, Emily Ratajkowski, Cynthia Erivo, Naomi Watts, La La Anthony, Ellen Pompeo, Storm Reid, and more. One thing these ladies all have in common (other than being total badasses)? They're all trailblazers who were the first to accomplish something in their field — whether that be earning the highest salary for an actress on TV or landing the first cover of People's "Most Beautiful" issue.

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Michelle Pfeiffer On Grace

Ladies First with Laura Brown Episode 2: Michelle Pfeiffer On Grace
Olivia Malone

Michelle Pfeiffer has been shining on the big screen ever since she put on that pink jacket in Grease 2. Now in her fourth decade of making movies—with some very memorable roles under her belt (think Scarface and Dangerous Liaisons)—she's one of the world's most popular and critically acclaimed film actors for her. Pfeiffer sits down with friend Laura Brown—editor-in-chief of InStyle Magazine—to talk about some of the ups and downs from her career, as well as the fragrance line she's working on these days.

On Deciding What Projects to Take

"Well, you know, a lot of things go into your decision-making, a lot of factors other than "Do I like the script?" Other than, you know, 'Do I love this director?' And sometimes life is more of a priority, and sometimes you're able to, you have a little bit more freedom to make those sorts of decisions."

On Fame

"Just, just a lot of anxiety about it, and I think the paparazzi thing really, really terrified me and I just couldn't wrap my head around it and I still really struggle with it. I think I'm definitely more accepting of the celebrity part, and I think I am more gracious, the older I've gotten, about it. But not so much when I was younger. And, you know, I was really difficult about it, you know, in terms of studios and productions and they all thought that I could have supported the films more."

On Ambition

"It started out as, you know, my mother was dependent on my father and she stressed the importance of having a career before you get married. It was very important that I had independence, and that I had a way to support myself. And it's something that I'm always telling younger women. You go into relationships all doey-eyed, and we always think everything's going to last forever, but sometimes it doesn't. And then a lot of women have to figure it out. So no matter how in love you are, I think it's important. And so it started out with that. And then I don't know, you know, ambition ... I'm just doing what I love to do. And I'm always just fighting to do more of it."

On The First Thing She's Doing After The Covid-19 Pandemic

"Have a party, and I don't have parties, but I'm having a party. We're all gonna have—Do you know how many parties there are going to be in the world when this is over? The catering business is going to boom. I suggest we all invest in the catering business."

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