Kiernan Shipka Used to Bring Timothée Chalamet On Dates With Her

Her date-dodging strategy is actually super relatable (minus the whole being friends with Timothée thing).

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Kiernan Shipka is wise beyond her years. Which can partly be attributed to growing up on the set of Mad Men, where she played Sally Draper, daughter to the Don himself (Jon Hamm).

"I was thinking about this too the other day, that I grew up around way more adults than I did children," she told InStyle's editor in chief Laura Brown on this week's episode of Ladies First with Laura Brown. "I was around a lot of adults, and I was having a lot of mature conversations at a young age with people. So I do think that informed my entire being in maybe ways that I don't even know."

She booked that role at age six, but despite her young age, she said the cast never made her feel as if she didn't belong. "I think I was a very passionate, excited, young child, and it's sort of a testament I think [to] everyone on the set of Mad Men for never really treating me like I was a child or less than them," she said. "They always just treated me like a cast member."

And believe it or not, that wasn't even her first stint in TV. At five months old she appeared on E.R. as, well, a baby.

Of course, now she's all grown up and playing the leading lady of Netflix's popular Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. But she hasn't forgotten where she got her start. In fact, she's still celebrating it to this day. Shipka told Brown that she watched Mad Men for the first time during quarantine.

"I'd never seen it before," she said. "I mean, I'd seen episodes, and I'd been to table reads, 'cause I felt like I knew what was going on, but I'd never sat down and watched from start to finish."

Kiernan Shipka on Awareness: Episode 19: April 3, 2021

InStyle Ladies First with Laura Brown

On the podcast she talks about what it was like filming alongside January Jones, and partying with the likes of Christina Hendricks at such a young age. And as for what's next, she says she's still got "six to seven years of playing teenagers." And she's fine taking things slowly in her personal life, too. She confesses to dodging dates in a really relatable way — and it involves Timothée Chalamet (which makes it a little less relatable).

"Timothée Chalamet was living with us for a while," she said. "So oftentimes I would bring him, which was probably not the most polite person to bring on what someone thinks is going to be a date."

That's right, she'd employ the ol' 'make it a group hang' strategy — only her third wheel was Timothée 'Call Me By Your Name' Chalamet.

"If they want to get dinner or something, I'm like, 'Sure, yeah, sounds great,'" she explained. "And then I text them like an hour before and say, 'Hey, my friend's with me, I think they're gonna join.'" What, you thought landing a date with Kiernan Shipka would be easy?

You've got to listen to Ladies First to hear the rest.

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