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Empire's third season kicks off today, and we’re over the moon that our favorite fictional, hip-hop-hustling family will be back on our TV screens.

It’s been four long months since we've gotten a taste of the diabolical schemes of the Lyon family patriarch, Lucious (played by Terrence Howard), or the sassy clap-backs from the matriarch, Cookie Lyon (played by the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Taraji P. Henson). Let’s face it: four months without getting to see Cookie read everyone to filth is just too long!

We’re in for a treat this season because there are tons of loose ends from Season 2 that will be resolved. As much as we love seeing Cookie direct searing-hot attitude toward Anika (played by Grace Gealey) at every turn, the season finale left us wondering whether the sneaky (and pregnant) Boo Boo Kitty would even live to be the butt of another Cookie quip. So, first thing's first: let’s find out who’s dead and who’s alive!

Read on for the four questions we need answered, stat—and tune in to Empire tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 21) at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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1. Who survived the rooftop scuffle between Rhonda and Anika?

Season 2 left off on the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers! A catfight on a rooftop balcony broke out between pregnant newlywed Anika and Rhonda (portrayed by Kaitlin Doubleday), who unfortunately lost her baby after being viciously attacked last season. And by the look on the face of eldest son Andre Lyon (played by Trai Byers), someone went flying over the edge! So, who’s it gonna be?

2. Who pushed Rhonda down the stairs at the beginning of Season 2?

If Rhonda is dead, we may never know the identity of last season's culprit, who skulked into her home and sent the pregnant woman tumbling down a spiral staircase, causing her to miscarry. All we know about the villain at this point is that he or she has exceptional taste in footwear—in her groggy flashbacks of the event, Rhonda can only recall a pair of shiny designer loafers walking out the front door.

3. What will the Lyon boys’ love lives look like this season?

The Lyons always seem to be entangled in some complicated relationships. Andre's wife may not be alive, openly gay Jamal (played by Jussie Smollett) has been flip-flopping between men and women, and poor Hakeem (played by Bryshere Y. Gray) was left at the altar. We can only imagine what the Season 3 love stories will tackle!

4. What the heck is Mariah Carey doing here?

Season 3 teasers have revealed a guest appearance by none other than the "Heartbreaker" singer herself, Mariah Carey. We’re not sure what’s going on here, but we’re definitely intrigued!