Everything You Need to Know About 'Emily in Paris' Season 2

Get ready for part deux.

Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris. Photo: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Emily in Paris (pronounced "Pah-rhee") took the world by storm last year, becoming one of Netflix's most popular and binge-worthy shows. Not sure if it was the campy fashion, kitschy storyline, or Parisian romance (or all of the above), but it became a full-blown phenomenon.

And ever since it was cleared for season 2, we've been counting down the days until the return of our favorite American in Paris and her dreamy love interests (bonjour, Gabriel). Read on to find out everything we know about part deux.

What Is Emily in Paris Season 2 Going to Be About?

We presumably pick up where we left off with Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) and her budding romance with the handsome chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and blossoming career with marketing firm Savoir. And according to Entertainment Weekly, we'll be spending some time on the love triangle between Emily, Gabriel, and his girlfriend Camille, who happens to be one of Emily's Parisian pals.

But there's also a new love interest in Emily's life, a fellow expat she meets in French class. The first photos from the new season gave us a glimpse at the brooding man who has allegedly captured Emily's attention. We're looking forward to seeing how Emily juggles her boss, job, friends, and two hotties.

"There's a new love interest for [Emily], there's a lot more intrigue at work, in relationships," Darren Star, the show's creator, previously told People. "I think she also just gets more immersed in learning French and really struggling with the language in a way she didn't get to do first in the first season, because she's really trying this season."

Based on the teaser released by Netflix, it also appears that Emily, BFF Mindy, and Camille will be taking a girls trip — filled with chic 'fits, grandiose parties, and delectable cuisine — to St. Tropez.

Is There a Trailer for Emily In Paris Season 2?

Netflix's full trailer shows more of Emily and Co. in action complete with cringe-worthy French puns like "she's back for amour" and "coming in haute" shooting across vistas of Paris.

Who Is in Emily in Paris Season 2?

All your favorites will be returning for the second season of the cult-favorite show, but there will also be some new faces on the lineup this season. Lucien Laviscount (from Scream Queens) will play Alfie, Emily's new love interest. Jeremy O. Harris will guest star as up-and-coming fashion designer Elliott Dupree, and French actor Arnaud Binard playing a night club owner Emily meets.

The newbies will join the original cast from the first season, which includes Ashley Park and Camille Razat playing Mindy and Camille, respectively. Lucas Bravo will, of course, resume his role as Gabriel, and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Samuel Arnold (Julian), and Bruno Gouery (Luc) are also all returning.

Where Was Emily in Paris Season 2 Filmed?

Just like the first season, it was also shot in the City of Love. Collins recently opened up about filming in Paris during the ongoing pandemic. She told Elle U.K. that Paris was oddly quiet.

"It was very empty when I first got there. And there weren't any Americans around because they weren't allowed," she said. "So that felt even more strange, because the only accents you would hear were French — which was also really lovely."

She added that her new husband Charlie McDowell tagged along for the process. "I definitely got to know it better this time around, just because I wasn't taking a lot of public transport because of regulations for filming. So I was walking a lot more. Charlie is great with directions and exploring and had marked places [to visit] all over Paris, even before I had the show," she said. "And so we were constantly walking and exploring.

When Does Emily in Paris Season 2 Come Out?

The new season will drop on Netflix just in time to binge on your holiday vacation: December 22, 2021.

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