I Got My Energy Evaluated with Nothing but a Selfie

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When it comes to alternative therapies and personal energy, on a sliding scale of one to desperately attached, I’m somewhere in the middle. I read my weekly horoscope every Monday morning and I generally believe in karma. I don't really know how I feel about crystals, but I think too many negative thoughts can make you physically ill. So, while I don’t believe a strong gust of wind could alter my fate, I am cautiously interested in how vibes affect my daily life to some extent.

That skeptical interest led me to Carolyn Harrington, an energy healer and medical intuitive, who claims she can read your energy with nothing but a selfie. I have a hard time believing that even a person standing next to me could truly read my energy, so the idea that someone could do that remotely via nothing but a digital image really had my dubious senses tingling. But I snapped a selfie and sent it along anyway. About a week later, I caught up with Harrington on the phone to discuss my energy and how exactly she evaluated it.

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The Background

Based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy, including ourselves, Harrington claims we can energetically detox from the inside out. “When I do an evaluation, I look at you from an energy standpoint,” she explains. “I don’t see the energy or feel it, but I have the ability to tap into people’s energy to find out information about their health.” Harrington maintains and strongly reinforces that she is not a medical professional and her evaluations should not be considered medical advice, but rather, insight into what the energy in our bodies may be indicating.

Her evaluations call her to tap into the brain, which is of course responsible for keeping the body in a state of homeostasis (or at least close to it), and see what it thinks is the primary weakness in the body at that time. Once she learns that, Harrington knows which frequencies will help with healing.

The Evaluation

Harrington explained that she can perform a reading using anything that emits your energy signature. So, in my case, a photo, but a piece of clothing would have worked, as well. She explained to me that she has about 1000 vials all carrying different energy frequencies. Each one is filled with about half an ounce of water in addition to the energy. There is one for every part of the body, some for disease-causing agents like bacteria and fungus, some for nutritional things like vitamins and any allergies you might have, and others with various flower essences that deal with different emotions. She lays all of the vials out and then, using my photo, she tests which vials my energy resonates with. Based on the results, Harrington provides custom recommendations to support and detox our systems.

The Results

I was entirely doubtful up until we started talking about my personal reading. The only things Harrington knew about me before our phone conversation were what I looked like, my job title, and my full name. Sure, she could’ve Googled me, but even that wouldn’t have given her the information she needed to give me what ended up being a truly enlightening report.

Harrington explained that my primary weakness currently dealt with my thyroid and that it was being weakened by a few emotions, some that came directly from me and some that may be projected on me by people close to me. The emotion I was directly experiencing was a fear of losing control. As a self-proclaimed control freak, I immediately perked up. “You may fear losing control of your behavior or feel you’re on the verge of a breakdown,” Harrington explained. “At times you may feel about to explode and may even be abnormally hysterical towards friends and family.” My thoughts went instantly to the end of 2016. After a particularly emotional and grueling year of many large-scale changes, I was in a near constant state of anxiety. I unleashed on a number of people close to me more than once, I fell apart at even the smallest inconveniences, and, now, in the months following, I regularly fear falling back into that place. Basically, Harrington was spot-on.

Next, came the emotion someone close to me was projecting on me, which was feeling uncertain about the correct path in life. “This person may have reached a crossroads in life,” said Harrington. “They may have a variety of talents but waste their gifts through lack of clear direction, though, at the same time, they’re aware that life is passing and feel frustrated and dissatisfied.” Now, since all of my friends are in their mid-twenties and really only on the cusp of figuring out their careers, relationships, and what they really want in life, this could apply to any number of them. But, currently, one of my closest friends is going through an emotionally heavy time, figuring out what she wants to do with her career, and just beginning to really do things independently, including planning a big geographical move in a few months. And we had talked about it many times that week before my talk with Harrington.

While these things might seem general and applicable to a wide range of people with varying lifestyles, I couldn’t help but be a bit stunned. Like I said, Harrington didn’t ask me anything about my life, routines, or relationships. She didn’t ask me anything about myself or if I was currently going through anything specific. So, while I remain skeptical of alternative therapies, the experience was a reflective one for me.

After an evaluation, Harrington creates a personal remedy therapy using the vials your energy resonates with. Here’s a video showing how to take your remedy. I forwent the personal remedy and chose instead to reflect on what my energy was trying to tell me. Harrington mentioned that my energy was also seeming to say that I need to relax more and think a bit better of myself because I’m doing better than I sometimes let myself believe. Thanks, Type A personality! She recommended I write five things I’m grateful for everyday. “It’s like taking a happy pill everyday,” she says.

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