The Devil Wears Prada Film Still - Lead 2016
Credit: Alamy

There are memorable movies and then there are those movies so referencable they stand the test of time by the sheer force of their quotability alone. The Devil Wears Prada, released a decade ago (seriously, we know), is one of those movies. Whether it's the chilling one-liners muttered by Runway editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep), or the insulting quips spat by first assistant Emily (Emily Blunt), the film's best lines sit high in our most commonly used quote arsenal with those from the likes of Mean Girls and Zoolander.

So, in honor of the film's 10-year anniversary, we've rounded up some of the most memorable moments in GIFs for your viewing pleasure. Keep scrolling for a stylish, snippy walk down memory lane.

Meeting Miranda

This moment inspired us to peel off our sunglasses like a boss for the rest of our days.

Landing the Job

Welcome to the Runway family, Andy Sachs!

Spell Check

Who among us has not asked this exact question at least once?

Need for Caffeine

To be honest, we sort of emphathize with the need for our morning coffee.

Skip the Skirt

Emily, a true master of the simple, but effective dig.

Flower Power

To this day we can't hear the word florals and not internally say "groundbreaking."

Taking Chances

A classic Miranda Priestley line: condescending and insulting, but not too condescending and insulting.

No Talk Zone

TBH we've had this thought at work once or twice before.

Purse of Death

If only we could shut down a room with a simple tense of the lips.

It's Cold In Here

Our internal monologue whenever we're trapped behind slow walkers.

One Last Line

Priestley's last line of the movie is a lesson in self-confidence, if not self-awareness.