By Meredith Lepore
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 10:45 am

When he played Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe had magical powers, but it seems he may have the ability to time travel in real life. The star of Now You See Me 2 talked about the fact that he looks like many people from the past, the majority being stern old ladies, on The Tonight Show Monday. Host Jimmy Fallon explained that many fans of Radcliffe sent in pictures, many of them very old, to Reddit resembling the actor.

Fallon shared a few of the doppelgänger photos and even Radcliffe was blown away by some of the similarities. "That one I haven't seen!" Radcliffe said of one woman from the past who looked a lot like him. "What is it about me that I look like so many stern old ladies?" "Some of the old ladies aren't as stern. Some are having fun and enjoying themselves," said Fallon as he showed a less angry looking woman who resembled Radcliffe. Fallon also showed a picture of his look-alike from the past, who was sporting hair past his shoulders and a very long mustache.

Then Fallon showed a picture of a young man from the 1970s or 1980s with some big hair who looked a lot like Radcliffe. "This is a dude I may want to hang out with," said Fallon. Radcliffe pointed out that the other man in the picture looked a lot like Andy Samberg. Fallon thought it would be fun for them to then dress like their twins from the past. The host helped Radcliffe snap on a sweater, flannel collar, and wig while Fallon put on a long wig and mustache. "I wish this is how you looked in real life," Radcliffe told Fallon of his new hair.

Watch Radcliffe and Fallon channel their look-alikes from the past in the clip above.