Those not fortunate enough to nab Christina Aguilera as a vocal coach on The Voice are getting a lucky chance at lessons from the singer. The 35-year-old star’s vocal MasterClass is officially available.

After announcing in February that she’d offer an instructional singing program online, the six-time Grammy winner has released a slate of videos teaching hopeful students breath control, vibrato, growls, and how to expand their range.

She joins a high profile set of coaches who have shared their expertise on MasterClass, including Kevin Spacey (acting), Usher (performing), and Serena Williams (tennis). “This class is for all the artists out there trying to find their voice. I’m proud to share through MasterClass my love of music and all of the vocal techniques I’ve learned throughout the years,” Aguilera said in a release.

Classes are available online for purchase at for $90 each. Watch a trailer for the lessons below.

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