We Need to Talk About Chelsea Lazkani's Outfits on 'Selling Sunset'

The show has a new style star.


Unless you've been living under a rock (or in the valley), you're well aware that Selling Sunset is back for season 5, and (spoiler alert) Davina still hasn't sold that $75M listing. While the show was on hiatus, Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim heated things up in Italy with their (short-lived) romance — but if you were waiting for something (or someone) new to shake things up, we have good news. Things have gotten even more exciting this season with the introduction of a new lady who lists: Enter British-Nigerian beauty Chelsea Lazkani. The gorgeous Black-Brit who can't bear to hear her own voice (but it's music to our ears!) has joined the cast and is making a splash with the ladies (and gents) of the Oppenheim Group. But the real star of the show is Chelsea's amazing style.

Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset
Courtesy of Netflix

Our first glimpse of Chelsea Lazkani, a married mum of two, in Season 5 of Selling Sunset is at an open house with the Oppenheim Group's resident bad girl Christine Quinn, whose own style (and shenanigans) had been the talk of the town in previous seasons. Lazkani, an accomplished London native who moved across the pond to LA six years ago, had already made quite a name for herself in the competitive world of Los Angeles Real Estate. But, from her first moment on screen, she tosses her hair and flashes a million-dollar smile (sorry Davina, not $75 million) like a born reality star. As the camera pans over to her, we're graced with the first of many fantastic looks. Her mint green ensemble (you cannot go wrong with a monochromatic look) brings to mind the bright pastels of the delicate macarons at the chic Parisian Patisserie Ladurée. Emily in Paris who?

For a walk around the massive property, she paired a double-breasted blazer with white satin shawl lapels, buttons, and a matching double-breasted dress — a bold choice to go double double-breasted, but it works — adorned with square crystal buttons made by none other than Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. We're sensing a theme: If his years of fashion creativity have taught us anything, it's that a statement blazer moment is the ultimate sartorial power move.

Throughout the rest of the series, a fast friendship develops between Chelsea and Christine (double C's, like Chanel — my mind!). After realizing they are only one degree separated — Chelsea's husband already connected to Jason Oppenheim — the pair quickly become linked. The next time we see Chelsea, she is strutting through the doors with a sleek slicked-back high pony in a beautiful appliqué Mary Katrantzou mini dress. This look is not easy to pull off, but with the confidence she has, there's no hesitation. Considering the sophisticated high neck, the appliqué on appliqué statement, and crystal embellishments, it's clear somebody knows a thing or two about uncut gems.

Courtesy of Netflix

No Selling Sunset scene is complete without a multi-angle shot of our listing ladies walking in slow motion, and Chelsea does not disappoint. This time around, we see her in a head-to-toe Burberry number, complete with a Burberry headscarf (Blair Waldorf would be proud) and a two-piece co-ord covered in the brand's signature crosshatch print. The headscarf is very on-trend with the 70's redux seen on runways and Instagram feeds everywhere.


And while Chelsea's style certainly stands on its own, one Twitter user couldn't help but notice that Chelsea and Christine resembled another iconic duo from yesteryear. Cher and Dionne from Clueless (1995) and we have to say, we absolutely see it. Did the girls tire of matchmaking and partying in the valley, and not only get a clue, but also a real estate license? Maybe! Do they look like super-fashionable supervillains? Absolutely! They're serving, your honor.

At the end of the series, we do learn that if Chelsea fully joins the Oppenheim Group, there's not enough room in that office for everyone, and someone has to go. It's a tough decision, but one thing is for certain — Chelsea's style is here to stay.

All that's left to ponder is whether Davina will finally sell that house.

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