By Leigh Belz Ray
Updated Jun 03, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
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Matthew Quick - Book Lead
Credit: Little Brown Young Readers; Courtesy; Little Brown Young Readers

You might know that Matthew Quick, a former high school English teacher from N.J., broke into the literary world with his 2008 debut novel, The Silver Linings Playbook, which was notably optioned to become a film before it was even published. (The resulting 2012 film went on to be nominated for eight Oscars and propel the novel even further up the sales charts.) But what you may not know is that Quick has gone on to write six more novels. Two, like Silver Linings, for adults and four, including the just-released Every Exquisite Thing, Young Adult novels. And all of them may be coming soon to a theater near you.

Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, Quick's 2013 novel about a troubled teen boy was optioned by The Weinstein Company and is reportedly set to be actor Channing Tatum's directorial debut. The Good Luck of Right Now, Sorta Like a Rockstar, and Love May Fail have also had their film rights optioned. And Quick's next adult novel, The Reason You're Alive, was recently bid on by Miramax, though the book itself doesn't come out until next year. The same thing happened with Every Exquisite Thing, just out this week, which has been nabbed for a screen adaptation by The Weinstein Company since 2014.

There's a reason for such fervor. Quick's prose is affecting no matter what section his books are shelved in. Every Exquisite Thing, is the perfect summer read, centering on teenage athlete Nanette O'Hare. Nanette is doing everything "right" — she's a good daughter, star soccer player, and stays true to her convictions, even if it means going against the crowd. But she feels like she doesn't quite fit in with her peers and when a teacher gives her a long-out-of-print novel to read, her world opens up in unexpected ways. Who is Nanette O'Hare? She herself is trying to figure it out.

Quick's prose is so on point, he takes adult readers back to the part of their lives where they were just trying to make sense of things in a world that sometimes just doesn't. Every Exquisite Thing will appeal to anyone who loved The Catcher in the Rye, The Fault in Our Stars, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Like all of Quick's novels, read it now so you can be ahead of the game when it hits the big screen.