By Claire Stern
Updated Apr 13, 2016 @ 11:30 am
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What Kate Bosworth Is Reading
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Kate Bosworth really loves to read. It's a force of habit that's been with her from a very young age. "Being an only child, it was really something I could get lost in, more so than films or anything else," she recently told us at Montblanc's 110th anniversary gala dinner at the Rainbow Room in N.Y.C. And it carries into adulthood thanks in no small part to her father, Harold Bosworth, who gifts his daughter a bounty of paperbacks each Christmas that he's seen featured in The New York Times Book Review.

What Kate Bosworth Is Reading
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Right now, the actress, fresh off a romantic Hawaiian getaway with husband Michael Polish, is engrossed in H Is for Hawk by British author Helen Macdonald ($17;, a true story of a falconer who attempts to train and raise a vicious bird of prey after losing her father. "She feels the urge to become wild with something and tame it, because her own spirit was so broken," Bosworth says. "It's a really amazing story about the animal-human relationship and overcoming grief." Calling all book clubs ...