Bachelor in Paradise's Bibiana Has Thoughts About the Heartbreak on the Playa

Bachelor in Paradise
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And, just like that, we find ourselves at the end of yet another dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise. After this episode, I fully agree with Chris Harrison: This is the most dramatic season yet. Honestly, I came down those steps onto Playa Escondida, and even I couldn't predict how Monday night's episode ended.

But before I check in to heartbreak hotel, let's chat about Jordan & Jenna's date, shall we? My initial reaction was that having two people participate in a mock engagement photo shoot as a date was totally cheesy — I mean, it is. Then again, we all love cheese, don't we? Once you Jordan and Jenna together, you can't help but feel like you're watching your favorite romantic comedy.

As some of you know, Jordan has a special place in my heart, and I am beyond happy to see that Jenna and him are really headed in the right direction. It's hard to explain the different emotions that run through your mind when you're filming on that beach, and all things considered, it's really impressive to see Jordan stick by Jenna through her ups and downs.

But we all know it can't all be a fairytale on Paradise. Time to enter the heartbreak hotel.

Joe & Kendall

I know I can't be the only one cried their eyes out watching this break up. I've watched the scene over and over again, secretly hoping there would somehow be a different outcome. I can't help but wonder if Kendall was going to regret this decision. Is she now looking back in hindsight with regret?

Astrid & Kevin

In the words of Astrid, "What the actual %$*#"

No one saw this coming. I got messages from both Kevin and Astrid shortly after they left, and I couldn't believe they weren't together. I truly thought they could be one of the couples who end up engaged, or at least one of the final three standing pairs. Watching Kevin and Astrid break up was not easy — thank you, aloe vera, tissues for helping me get through this episode. Part of me wanted to shake Kevin and tell him to get out of his head. The other part of me was in complete awe as to how Astrid kept her cool.

But as the saying goes, I guess all good things must come to an end. The fact that we saw two of the strongest couples crumble in last night's episode goes to show how emotionally draining Paradise can be.

Personally, I can't wait to have all of these couples back in the same room to hear what their thoughts are on the above. I'll be tossing the tissues & opting for tequila tonight.

This reunion should be juicy.

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