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Best Moments in TV This Week - LEAD
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You know it's Friday when we round up the best moments on TV this week. From that "finally!" moment from this week's Jane the Virgin, to the cringe-worthy insanity of Crazy Ex-Gilfriend's latest episode, we've got it all right here, and if you haven't watched all your shows yet for the week, we suggest you stop reading now, before you hit a spoiler. You've seen the warning, proceed with caution.

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While not every single TV programme that aired this week is part of our roundup, rest assured that we'll be picking out the best moments from a wide variety of shows, with the final few top moments making the cut.

As the (TV) seasons change, and hiatuses fall in and out of play, we'll be here, ready to share our take on the hottest on-screen drama.

From our television addiction to yours, scroll down below to relive the most explosive reveals and takeaways of the week. Enjoy!

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John P. Johnson/HBO

Maeve has some big plans up her sleeve. While we know deep down nothing good can come from her newly added intelligence, and her knowledge of the inner workings of Westworld, boy, is it fun to watch.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Scott Everett White/The CW

We thought the show's title was becoming irrelevant. Boy, were we wrong! By the end of this week's episode, Rebecca was cast aside by both of her West Covina exes.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin
Tyler Golden/The CW

In the words of our wise narrator, "Finally!" Time to get #FreePetra trending, at long last, Jane is on to Aneska and her schemes.

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Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME

Everyone hates Fiona (except for me, I'm going with Frank on this one). Can the Gallaghers (sans Frank) all just love each other again?

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TV Land/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

Liza kept her free pass! For all those Liza-Charles shippers out there, you officially have hope.

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