Astrologer Susan Miller on Why Love Is in the Air in March

March Horoscope 
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Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the March issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

The most important thing to know about March is that it will be strongly colored by the friendly solar eclipse in Pisces that occurred on February 26th. Solar eclipses are new moons on steroids, and typically we only get two solar eclipses a year, so they are very powerful. The only major aspect this eclipse made was to conjoin Neptune, the planet ruling Pisces. Pisces is the planet of vast creativity, imagination, art, love, poetry and right brain thinking. Neptune can sometimes create fog, confusion or obscure facts and figures.

This eclipse is a positive one if you are involved with creative ideas, which is the case for several signs like Cancer and Pisces—if you're a member of one of these signs, the solar eclipse will help you stand out. If you anticipate that you'll be focused heavily on financial and other data, (for March, Leo and Aquarius), Neptune’s presence might bring financials that are obfuscated, incorrect, or that simply aren’t there—they were forgotten or deliberately omitted.

Neptune also governs all bodies of water, so, for example, Sagittarius this month may have concerns about water as related to home (drinking water purity, leaks, windstorm rain coming in the windows and so forth). Conversely, Scorpio and Taurus have strong travel aspects, so these signs might want to voyage to a beautiful setting near water or filled with snow. Keep in mind that on the positive side, Neptune not only rules creativity and imagination, but also is the higher octave of Venus, bringing love to a breathtaking depth of feeling. (Check the specific details of your sign’s outlook for March in the March print edition of InStyle.)

Neptune knows no rules, nor limits or boundaries and teaches the value of loving those you know and those you do not. March is a month Neptune’s whisperings will be strong: to love, be compassionate, and to help those who are suffering.

The full moon on March 12th will fall in Virgo, the sign that lies exactly opposite Pisces on the wheel. Both signs are involved with service to others. This full moon will be in hard angle to Saturn, so our responsibilities to others will be obvious, and must be fulfilled. In that sense, we all will need to fulfill what we promised before we can play.

March 17th will be a tough day, when Saturn will be at odds with the Sun. Energy will be low, an authority figure may be critical. An obstacle that may come up, and if one does, you will need to create a carefully crafted strategy to fix things. Reach out to others for help on this day, as you to-do list will be long and you may feel emotionally overwrought.

The new moon of March 27th in Aries will be the moment to take seriously an entrepreneurial idea that you’d like to give flight. Mars rules Aries, and will be in practical Taurus so if you are going to start a business, you need to know about the rules of running a business, and have practical matters in place. These might include such things as where to center your headquarters, how to handle payroll, and the range of insurance you will need as a few examples. Alternatively, you might want to launch a new product or service that is revolutionary and new, and if so, you have the right moment to begin, and you seem to have the right approach. Seek expert advice and plan your onset date, which should be in late May. If you are a careful strategist, you’ll be on your way.

Also, importantly, Venus will go retrograde this month on March 4th until April 17th, and will not return to full strength until May 18th. Venus rules beauty, all things that embellish or please the senses, such as perfume, flowers, wine, chocolates, and beautiful, precious jewelry. Here is the surprise—Venus also rules money. All these areas will not achieve their highest level of expression while Venus is retrograde.

So it's not a time to schedule any radical changes to your appearance, such as to go from brunette to blonde, to have plastic surgery of any kind, or to order any kind of dermatological treatment. Stick to tried-and-true grooming and take no risks. Put off your engagement if you are planning one for March or April, for the affection within your union is likely to be less than you expect during the term of the relationship. Don’t schedule your annual charity fundraiser, for donations may be low and disappoint. Lastly, avoid launching all new ventures until Venus is strong again (after May 18th) for governance over profits indicates disappointment now. If the project involves design—such as the appearance of a new website—debut it after May 18th.

Finally, March 26 brings Mercury in conjunct Uranus, a day that will be ideal for brainstorming for ideas. Make them radical, and new. Remember, however, this is a time to plan and reassess your assumptions, not actually launch. If March will teach us anything, it’s the value of detailed planning—and being thoroughly prepared.

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