InStyle June 2017 horoscope
Credit: Angelica Hicks

Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the June issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

No matter what your sign is, June will be an improvement over March, April, and May, for you will finally see accelerated progress on your dearest goals. March and April brought Venus retrograde, a time when the planet of beauty, love and profit was weak, so it became harder to move forward in terms of anything dealing with appearance or matters of the heart. (After Venus went direct on April 15, like most sleeping beauties, she needed time slowly open her eyes, brush her luxurious, wavy hair and slowly sip her cup of steaming coffee). It wasn't until May 18 that Venus resumed her former strength.

That alone would have been enough to make you anxious, but Venus’ brother Mercury also went retrograde, from April 9 to May 3, and did not resume former strength until May 20, only two days after Venus did the same.

Mercury rules thinking, perception, contracts, and negotiation, the reason you must not sign a contract during a Mercury retrograde period, or make any big decisions. If you did sign, later you will need to adjust or re-negotiate the contract. A Mercury retrograde period is an instant clue that the conditions around you are shifting, and priorities you had held will soon change in rank.

By now, you’ve made it to June, and all those delays are behind you. June begins with a glorious week, culminating with sunny aspects on Saturday, June 3, my favorite day of the month. The Sun and Jupiter will be in ideal alignment, bringing luxury, luck, and happiness. Do something out of the ordinary—travel, go to a book signing or lecture, or have a spa treatment. Buy something new to wear and tear off the tags so you can wear it that night. On the same day, Venus, still in Aries, will meet with surprise-a-minute Uranus adding a flirtatious flair to the day and stir up romance. These aspects will act like perfume, allowing you to hypnotize admirers in your path.

Every plot needs contrast and a little drama, and in June it comes in the form of a troublesome full moon, June 9. That moon will conjoin Saturn, the taskmaster planet that teaches us to face facts. The full moon will be in Sagittarius, so readers who are Sagittarius or Gemini (or have one of these two signs rising) will feel this full moon the most, but only if born near June 9-16 or December 10-15 or have a rising sign in those signs at 18 degrees or within five degrees of that number. Everyone, of every sign will be feeling fragile, so keep that in mind when you speak to others—if you have a meeting on June 9, plus four days, chances are, the person you will be speaking with will be distracted by something going on in his or her life. too.

On the heels of this full moon comes Saturn’s direct, 180-degree clash with the Sun, a sobering and draining influence. If you missed clues that were presented to you at the full moon June 9, they will be hammered home by June 15. Again, everyone will feel these influences, but in different ways. Difficult aspects are like heat-seeking missiles looking for weak links in any part of your life. Their job is to bring flaws to your attention so that you can quickly decide how to fix them.

Once you get beyond June 15, life brightens again. Let me digress for one minute. Concurrent to the difficult full moon June 9, something sweet will happen. Jupiter in Libra will go direct motion after napping since February 6. (It is common for outer planets to retrograde for months rather than for several weeks.) Jupiter is the good fortune planet, so if you feel you’ve been on the short end of the stick when it came to luck, happiness, and financial growth so far in 2017, your outlook should change now for the better. Jupiter won’t go retrograde again until next year, in March 2018. The luck that Jupiter promised you in 2017 will start to flow at long last, so stay optimistic.

June 19 and 20 will be outstanding for romance, even though these fall on a Monday and Tuesday. If you want to meet that intriguing someone you met on a dating site, choose one of these two days. (Stay far away from June 9 to June 15.) Venus will receive sparkles from glamourous Neptune, while Mercury will bring happy surprise news thanks to Uranus.

The new moon in Cancer on June 23 will be filled with opportunities to start fresh in one area of your life. Saturn will be prominent, so if you're starting a new venture, it will be vital to know government and industry rules and regulations before you begin. Uranus will also be on hand, this time to add ingenuity, innovation, and surprise to whatever comes up. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is the bud, or beginning—it’ll be time for you to start something new.