Astrologer Susan Miller on Why the Planets Will Keep You on Your Toes in January

InStyle JAN HOR - Lead 2016
Photo: Illustration by Bruno Grizzo

Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the January issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

January starts off quietly. Mercury will still be retrograde, a holdover from December 19, but only until January 8th. When Mercury is retrograde, it's never wise to buy expensive items, so stash away your holiday gift cards, to use later in the month. A good rule of thumb is to leave space of at least a week from the date Mercury is back to former strength (January 27th if possible) just to be sure your judgment is sound and your purchase will give you pleasure.

Mars, the action planet, shows where your attention will be drawn and will be in contemplative, philosophical Pisces until January 28th, allowing for quiet time in January to shutter yourself in, and work on an artistic project. After weeks of holiday festivities, we will all appreciate having gentle time for rest and rejuvenation—Mars in Pisces will afford us this luxury.

The full moon of January 12th will be in Cancer, but with a challenge from unpredictable, jarring Uranus, we will have to stay on our toes, not only on this date but plus or minus four days from the date the full moon appears. Being that Cancer is a tender sign, this full moon may make you feel more emotional than usual, most likely because you will feel taken by surprise by news. Home, other property, and family matters come under the domain of Cancer, so the news may have a link to this private area of your life. Fortunately, full moons deliver a message or a deadline, but as soon as you answer the call to action, life will return to normal within four days, leaving you able to move on to other things.

Your friends and social events will be the focus on the new moon of January 27th. In the days that follow this new moon you are likely to get opportunities to mix and mingle with many friendly, like-minded people. Your probability of making a new friend from the 27th into the first half of February is high. As it’s been said, “friends are the family we make for ourselves” —a wonderful gift to start off the year.

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