Astrologer Susan Miller on What February's Two Big Eclipses Will Mean for You

February Horoscope Lead

Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the February issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

February will be a turning point month, for two eclipses are due. The first, a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on the 10th and the other, a solar eclipse on the 26th in Pisces. Everyone has Leo and Pisces somewhere in their charts, so all readers will feel these cosmic events, but in different ways depending on where these eclipses fall in your sign. (See the print edition of InStyle’s February edition for more specific detail for you.)

Often eclipses bring severe changes that are hard to adapt to, but not this time. The eclipse on the 10th will bring a glittering golden triangle in the heavens, with the lunar eclipse on one point, then Saturn, the planet of stability, on the second point, and finally Uranus, planet of surprise on the third point. This eclipse will bring opportunity for both innovation and long range stability.

The second eclipse on the 26th in Pisces will bring opportunities to start a new chapter. Neptune will conjoin the Sun and new moon in the very sign that Neptune rules, Pisces. This indicates that a creative effort that you will be invited to take part in will allow you plenty of room to shine—the project will seem tailor made for you.

If at months’ end you are involved with financial data for any reason, be thorough and careful, as Neptune can fog information. Mars and Uranus will be conjunct at this time, too—so sudden, out of the blue surprises of all kinds will surface. This is a hot aspect but because both planets are friendly to Saturn, it appears that an entrepreneurial venture will likely bring opportunity for long-term growth. Sit back, open the window, and see what flies in.

Valentine’s Day should be great fun. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, will be close in Aries, a sure sign that love will be in the air. Fire and air signs will be the most favored—these signs include Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Venus and Mars always long to be together but rarely can be, due to conflicting assignments that the universe gives them. Now they're within touching range, and love will sprinkle down like a flurry of pastel confetti. The transiting moon will be in the marriage minded sign of Libra, and by evening, will glide very close to Jupiter in the same sign, so many couples will become engaged on this lovely night.

This is underscored further by the fact that Valentine’s Day arrives within the area of influence of the first eclipse, February 10th. Eclipses are known to bring big, memorable life events and because Uranus is involved, you can’t quite guess what will happen, but you can be sure, something exciting will!

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