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Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the August issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

Get ready—August is going to be a game changer. No matter which sign you happen to be, you'll likely feel the shifts around you. This dramatic forecast is due to two eclipses this month. The first will be a full moon lunar eclipse on August 7 in Aquarius, and the second will be a new moon solar eclipse in Leo on August 21. Both appear to portend outstanding breakthroughs.

Eclipses are powerful because their job is to push us out of our comfort zone, bring a floodlight of truth, and help us evolve. They help us find our strength, and they motivate us to act if we have been hesitant. In fact, an eclipse will often instantly change the timetables of your goals—pushing them forward at dizzying speeds. Often an event from the outside world, over which you have no control, will come to your doorstep to bring about change. The universe cannot abide a vacuum, so when a loss or emptiness appears, the universe rushes in to provide something new.

Eclipses repeat signs and precise mathematical degree every 19 years, so think back to August 7, 1998 and August 21, 1998; the 2017 eclipses will be similar in many ways. Try to find a theme that emerged back then—a new set of opportunities will arise now along the same lines. Of course, no eclipse is ever a copy of another; other planets have since moved to other positions, and that means the outcome or news these powerful cosmic events deliver could be very different.

Think of an eclipse as a full moon or new moon on steroids—it has a long sphere of influence, possibly as long as a full year. The coming eclipses in August are unique in their friendly nature. Most eclipses are mixed, some are downright difficult, but these are sunny and affirming, which is highly unusual. The first one, the lunar full moon eclipse of August 7, brings a lovely interplay between the lunar eclipse and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. At the same time, the lunar eclipse will also receive comforting vibrations from Saturn.

The August 21 eclipse will be visible in many parts of the United States, casting a shadow from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston­­­, South Carolina. Daylight will go black for a minute or two—it’s a spooky but natural experience and one you will never forget. We have not seen an eclipse this dramatic in the US since February 26, 1979. Media will be filled with news, photos, and diagrams, and many people will travel to the cities in the path of totality to view the dramatic beauty of temporary night in the middle of the day.

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Even more impressive will be the aspects of this eclipse, which will bring a golden triangle into view in the sky (considered an expression of enormous harmony). The first leg of the triangle is the new moon solar eclipse (opportunity); then Uranus, denoting surprise news; and on the third leg, stabilizing Saturn. The solar eclipse opens a path, Uranus brings untraditional innovation, and Saturn, structure and security. One leads to the other.

People born on certain birthdays will feel these eclipses very strongly, more than most: Aquarians born February 4 and February 18; Leos born August 7 and August 21; Aries born April 5 and April 19; Gemini born June 6 and June 21; Libras born October 8 and October 22; and Sagittarians born December 7 and December 20 (plus or minus five days on either side of these dates).

Two signs will be challenged to start a new chapter in very specific areas: Tauruses born on May 5 (career) and May 20 (living quarters or family), and Scorpio born on November 8 (living quarters or family) and November 22 (career).

This month, Mercury will be retrograde from August 12 to September 5. Do not begin new ventures, do not sign a contract or lease, and don’t close on a house during this time. This is a month to listen to news—don't voice your actions yet. If your action is extremely important, such as to open a new business or to buy a house, wait until Mercury is back to full strength after it goes direct September 5—Mercury is back to super strength beginning September 19.

Finally, there are many jewel-like days on your calendar in addition to the eclipse dates:

Thursday, August 10 is when the sun and Jupiter will combine energies in the most loving way. This will be a four-star day for any purpose—an interview, first date, or luxurious purchase.

Friday, August 11 will be special when Venus and Neptune combine to make one of the most romantic, glamorous date nights possible, especially for the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and especially Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, so that sign will get double the pleasure.

Sunday, August 13 has the Sun aligned with Saturn, adding to the fostering longevity promises made now and over this weekend.

August 20-22 is when Mars will align with Jupiter, a glorious aspect that links action to profit, growth, and healing.

As you can see, August is no ordinary month. Get more information about your specific sign by reading my column in the print edition of InStyle's August issue.