Skylar Diggins-Smith
Credit: Mingo Nesmith/Icon Sportswire/AP

Skylar Diggins-Smith is a four-time WNBA all-star, a model, and, apparently, a huge Apple fan. After the announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 4, we wanted to know: How would an athlete use the watch? Apparently, Skylar uses hers in almost every facet of her day. "Not only does it look good while I work out, it also acts as a mini trainer," she says. "I don't have to think twice about keeping track of my distance on a bike, a treadmill, or in the water. This watch has easily and quickly become part of my daily schedule."

We asked her to keep a diary of her daily usage.

7:30am: I wake up with the watch as my alarm.

8:15am: I eat breakfast, which is programmed on the watch. I use it to keep track of my meals, which is very beneficial to calculate calories. Every day, I discover a new feature on this watch.

8:30am: Can’t find my iPhone. I ping the device from my watch and find it immediately.

9am: Workout. I check heart rate before I begin. I don't have to set that I'm about to work out, the watch senses the activity. It's made it easier to balance high-intensity training with rest periods. I can also text with my husband throughout the workout, which helps when we are in different areas of the gym.

10am: Swim. I love adding variety to my routine and water resistance in the pool makes for a great high-cardio and low joint-impact workout. The watch is waterproof, which is fantastic since I can swim with it. It keeps track of heart rate and distance in the pool.

12pm: Lunch. The watch tracks the calories I burn during my workout.

1pm: Check emails on my phone and track an order from Zappos.

3pm: A six-mile bike ride. The watch kept track of the mileage. I’m still used to using my iPhone as a phone, but I can do everything else on this watch. One of the apps that I use the most is the Breathe app – it helps me to get my heart rate back to normal after working out. I do interval training, alternating high and low intensity, and using the heart-rate monitoring and the Breathe app has proven to be a great combination. I know when my heart rate is up, when I need to pace myself, and after my work out I can do a one-minute breathing exercise and get my heart rate back down.

4pm: I get a reminder of conference call with business partner to go over a commercial treatment.

6pm: I make vegan chicken fingers, veggie burgers, and sweet potato fries.

7pm: I get a text from mom.

8pm: I set my schedule for tomorrow.