Home Alone 2 Anniversary
Credit: C20TH FOX/Ronald Grant Archive/Alamy Stock Photo

Oh, Kevin McCallister, how you lived out every kid’s Christmas dreams in the '90s (you know, save for the Wet Bandits stuff, obviously). It’s been almost three decades since we were first introduced to the scrappiest, quickest thinking (and always somehow left behind) member of the McCallister family in Home Alone. And it's officially been 25 years since we followed Kevin to the Plaza Hotel in New York City for the equally unforgettable—and just as often replayed—sequel.

While the original film made MaCaulay Culkin a household name and boasted enough twinkling lights to instantly establish itself as a holiday classic, Home Alone 2 took the magic to new heights. In addition to giving us hotel suite and candy store goals, the movie included a now meme-worthy cameo by Donald Trump. It also gave us a gift that we had no way of predicting at the low-tech, Polaroid camera and Talkboy-heavy time: glorious holiday-themed GIFs ripped right from our favorite scenes.

VIDEO: Neil Patrick Harris Holiday Party 101

That's why we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Home Alone 2 the best way we know how, with 25 of the best GIFs out there. Scroll down and enjoy, ya filthy animals.

1. We knew Kevin's parents would do it again, but they literally did it again.

2. Buzz continued to be the worst.

3. And his emotionless apology was surely cited by older brothers everywhere for years to come.

4. Meanwhile, Uncle Frank was living his best life while dancing in the shower.

5. When Kevin arrived in N.Y.C. (accidentally), he was excited, to say the least.

6. There's nothing like seeing the city from a kid's perspective, really.

7. Little did he know that he was meeting the future President of the United States when he walked into the Plaza Hotel—which Trump owned at the time.

8. We all laughed when Kevin tipped the bellman, played by Rob Schneider, with gum. Needless to say, it was not well-received.

9. Kevin’s cannonballs into the hotel's pool were epic.

10. Pizza and a limo? Yes, please.

11. This is literally the only way one should travel. Ever.

12. Nothing is creepier than Santa on stilts.

13. THE BIRD LADY. That is all.

14. Kevin was the O.G. paparazzi with his Polaroid camera.

15. Creepy cab driver alert. “Ain’t much better in here, kid,” will be forever burned into our souls.

16. We can all agree with Kevin on this one.

17. Brilliant moves courtesy of Kevin McCallister, ladies and gentlemen.

18. Words of wisdom about undergarments.

19. Kevin often used destruction as a distraction while fighting crime, you know, as all 9-year-olds do.

20. Running into your enemies on the streets of N.Y.C. is scary.

21. When Kevin broke out his Operation Ho Ho Ho map, we knew things were about to get real.

22. And the Wet Bandits clearly still hadn't learned that Kevin. Always. Wins.

23. Reason #1 not to anger Mama McCallister when she's trying to find her kid.

24. This Rockefeller Center reunion still melts our hearts.

25. We'll leave you with Kevin's delivery of this classic line.

A 25th Anniversary Edition of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is now available on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD.