All Those 'And Just Like That ...' Rumors Were on Purpose

Some of those paparazzi shots got planted to throw everyone off.

What you see isn't necessarily what you'll get in the case of HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That ... According to stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis, who paid a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the production team made sure to toss out a few red herrings to throw off nosy fans hoping to puzzle together the show's plot.

That would be why far-fetched ideas like Big's death and a Parisian memorial may have made headlines earlier this year. With just about every outfit already catalogued thanks to the show filming in New York City, the team wanted to make sure things stayed under wraps.

"There is so much secrecy around this," Colbert said to Nixon and Davis. "Do you worry about spoilers?"

"We worry constantly," Nixon responded, to which Davis agreed.

"There are rumors that you guys actually shot fake scenes around New York to throw people off the scent," Colbert added.

"Yes. Yes, definitely!" Davis said excitedly, although Nixon denied the claim — sort of, saying, "Absolutely not ... It might be true."

"We want the fans to enjoy the show," Davis finished. "I think that's the important part."

Nixon agreed, telling Colbert that it wasn't about keeping everything secret, it was just to make sure everyone had something to watch spoiler-free. "We don't want them to know — we don't want them to read the Cliff Notes beforehand."

The two actors also spoke about the death of their friend and co-star Willie Garson, who passed away after he had filmed his scenes for the show.

"Willie was just a person who just lightened any situation that he was in and just would have you in stitches within, you know, a minute of coming into a conversation," Nixon said. "He was a person with incredible stories, like show business stories and stories about his own zany life and his family that he comes from and the family that he created."

"He was so full of joy and so incredibly brilliant and smart and really … even being sick, which we didn't know about in the beginning, he still brought so much joy," Davis said.

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