We Have an Exclusive Look at the Costumes From 'And Just Like That' , and Carrie's in Another Tulle Skirt

The ladies of Sex and the City are back, turning the streets of New York into their own personal runway and making us feel like it's 1998 all over again. Here, the reboot's costume designers tell all — well, almost all.

Sex And The City
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There's a veil of secrecy around the plot of the upcoming HBO Max reboot And Just Like That… (premiering in December), but one thing's for sure — the looks will not disappoint. This go-round, longtime Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field handed over the reins to protégés Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, who helped bring Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda into 2021. Here, they offer a sneak peek at some of the fashion fun to come.

The Internet has been buzzing for months about the styles in the reboot. Are you ever surprised by the reaction?

MR: I feel like we're under a microscope sometimes! But the immediate large-scale judgments are a part of social media life now. We do what makes us happy in the fitting room bubble. I just wish more things could be kept as surprises.

DS: We stay focused because we know how the costumes will serve the story. Fans get excited when they see the outfits photographed, but we really can't wait for them to see how the looks play out when the show airs.

Sex And The City
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You both worked with Patricia Field on the original SATC show and films. How have you continued her vision yet still put your own spin on things?

MR: I've been working with Pat since 1984, so I've received her magic through osmosis. There was a hugely successful blueprint, which we brought forward for the times we're in and where the girls are in their lives. The biggest lesson I learned from her was to always keep your eye on the energy in the street.

DS: Pat mixes vintage, high-end, and no-name designers, which is the same approach we take. It doesn't matter how much something costs, it's whether you feel a connection to the color, the fabric, and the silhouette.

Sex And The City
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How have the characters' looks evolved?

MR: We're in a post-pandemic Zoom life in the city, so Carrie has a more vintage, recycled vibe this time around, and she has her archive to pull from. Miranda's life is changing, as her hair certainly has, so her wardrobe became more relaxed. Charlotte is still the constant and the touchstone for everyone.

DS: We wanted to show just how stylish women of every age can be. Even if the characters and their personal looks have shifted, they haven't lost any of the whimsical flair.

Sex And The City
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Sex And The City
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cynthia Nixon on the set of And Just Like That… in N.Y.C. James Devaney/GC Images

What moments are you most excited for fans to see?

MR: There's a color that Carrie wears that she's never put on before, plus a lot of cool nods to archive pieces and a very special evening stroll.

DS: We got really creative with the returning cast and all the new characters. People will love the diversity and inclusivity, which we were proud to reflect in the styling. Everyone gets their time to shine!

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