Jordan Fisher Portrait - LEAD
Credit: Sarah Balch

Jordan Fisher is officially about to be in “the room where it happens.”

The 22-year-old singer and actor makes his Hamilton debut tomorrow night (Nov. 22), taking over not one, but two roles in the groundbreaking and Tony-winning Broadway hit. Fisher will be portraying John Laurens and Philip Hamilton, the two characters originally brought to life by Anthony Ramos on the stage of the Richard Rodgers Theatre. And as one would expect, Fisher is thrilled to become a part of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical masterpiece.

“I’m having a blast,” he said of rehearsals during a recent live chat on InStyle’s Facebook. Describing his impending debut as “kind of bananas,” Fisher answered all of our burning questions about joining the most buzzed-about Broadway show in years (and he played along as we quizzed him on Hamilton trivia). Scroll down for five revelations from Fisher, and press play on the video below to watch our interview in full.

1. Fisher has always wanted to star on Broadway—and a grade-school crush is to thank for introducing him to theater.
“My first dream was Broadway,” said Fisher. “There was a girl in fifth grade that I had a crush on that joined drama club, so I joined the drama club because I’m not an idiot, and I was gonna hang with her. So that happened, and my first day I fell in love with art. I fell in love with art, and music, and dance, and acting, and how all those things can cultivate something really special and unique—depending on the performance and the show. That really kind of helped me develop my love of theater.”

2. When it comes to his first night onstage, he’s already expecting the unexpected.
“I’ve dreamt lucidly about how my Broadway debut would go and what that would feel like, but I know that I can’t be prepared for that,” said Fisher. “I think that’s something that I’m ultimately super excited about. You know, I’ve kind of had it in my mind, what it’s gonna be like, or what I might feel, or how I might feel before and during and after the show. So I’m excited to actually experience that.”

3. His family will be in the audience during his first week—and it will be their first time ever in New York City.
“My family has never been to New York before,” said Fisher. “I’m here a lot—I’m bicoastal and I have a place here. I’m here a ton, so it’s nice to be able to be here and welcome them here for the first time that first week. They’re gonna be here opening night on the 22nd, which is super exciting. [That] will be their first trip. I’m stoked for them to see the city at Christmas time, and to see the show in general.”

Jordan Fisher Portrait - EMBED
Credit: Sarah Balch

4. He’s equally excited to play both John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.
“Philip Hamilton and John Laurens are two of the most important people in Alexander Hamilton’s life,” said Fisher. “John Laurens was Alex’s best friend. He was Hammy’s main, most trusted confidante, somebody that he believed and felt believed him more than anybody else in the world, and was somebody that he would have gladly, I think, given his own life for. So his death at the end of the first act is obviously super significant where Alexander Hamilton is concerned. […] And then Philip is really, in some ways, just a bit of a reincarnation [of John Laurens]—somebody that speaks before they act. […] And then when he dies well into the second act, Alex is actually there for that and gets to basically have that goodbye for his other most-loved human in his life, that he didn’t get to have where John was concerned. So the dynamic and the arc of both those characters allow one storyline to ebb and flow through the show that you’re watching from top to bottom, and that’s really fun for me.”

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5. He’s seen the show more times than he can count.
“I saw it once last February as a fan,” said Fisher. “I had just done Grease: Live with Tommy Kail, who directed Hamilton as well, and Lin and I had become buddies some months before that. So I was able to see it with the original cast, which was awesome. And then I came again over the summer with another friend of mine who had never seen a Broadway show, so that was kind of special. [I only found out that I’d been cast] two days before I came and started rehearsing and working on the show, so that started about a month ago [and] I think in the course of the last four weeks, I’ve probably seen the show roughly 27, [or twenty]-eight times. Something along those lines.”