3 Reasons You Need to Catch Up on Transparent Tonight

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If there's one show worthy of your Friday night, it's Transparent.

Those who caught the Emmy Awards last weekend probably recall Jeffrey Tambor's heartfelt acceptance speech when he took home the Lead Actor in a Comedy Series trophy for his role as Maura Pfefferman, a trans woman, on Amazon's hit show. (In his speech, Tambor called upon the entertainment industry to "give transgender talent a chance.") Season three of Transparent debuts today, and there's no better time to get your binge-watch on than right now.

We got the inside scoop on the new season, straight from Tambor and co-star Gaby Hoffmann, who plays Maura's daughter Ali on the show, when they stopped by InStyle's portrait studio at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

Whether you're new to the show, or have been eagerly anticipating its return, here are the three reasons why you should catch up and tune in tonight.

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It's just like your family, but different

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy
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"The characters are really dynamic, each and every one of them are really full people, just struggling through life like we all are, in ways that are different and the same and unique and universal," says Hoffmann. "People come up to you in the streets of London and start talking about their families or any transgender experience that they've had in their lives or in their family, or just talking about family in general," adds Tambor of the show's widespread impact and relatability.

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It's self-discovery to the max

It’s self-discovery to the max
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Each of the show's characters embarks on a personal journey this season, and you can count on hilarious and heartwarming moments every step of the way. (The season opens with Maura reflecting on her own happiness, and a terrific guest appearance from Anjelica Huston.) "Ali is still trying to find her place in the world—she's trying to really find herself," says Hoffmann, whose character begins to explore spirituality and identity in different ways from her sister Sarah (played by Amy Landecker), and other siblings and family members throughout the third season.

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It ends with a cruise!

It ends with a cruise!
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If there's one thing we've learned from reality TV, it's that great drama always stems from close quarters. So what better way to cap off the season than with a Pfefferman family cruise to Mexico? After all that introspection, we're betting the whole clan comes together as a unified comedy gang at the end of season three's 10-episode run. And if you've ever been trapped on a ship with your own family, you can imagine all the ways this boat might rock. "It's heartening to me that people respond to the show because it's so human, you know?" says Hoffmann. "It's about family, and that is the core of our show," says Tambor.

—With reporting by Jennifer Ferrise

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