Reese Witherspoon Once Talked Through Her Movie to a Plane Full of Passengers

The in-flight movie was How Do You Know and it cut out during the trip.

Reese Witherspoon

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It's not often that something like a simple rom-com needs an explanation, but Reese Witherspoon remembered a situation where she had to walk an entire plane full of strangers through her film How Do You Know. During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote her new rom-com with Ashton Kutcher, Your Place or Mine, she explained that during a flight which featured her 2010 film with Paul Rudd as the in-flight entertainment, the movie actually cut out and she felt obligated to walk the passengers through the movie.

"It was like a five-hour flight and I walk in and they're like, 'And the movie today is gonna be How Do You Know starring Reese Witherspoon,'" she explained. "I was like, 'Oh my god. I have nowhere to hide. This is so embarrassing.'"

"Probably, maybe 10 minutes into the inflight movie, it cut out, and the clip broke," she continued. "So, I went to the front of the plane and I got on the microphone … I was like, 'Hi, guys. I don't think the movie's coming back, so I'm just gonna walk you, beat by beat, [through] what happened.'" 

Witherspoon even remembered what she said (for the most part) and proved that she's a pro at elevator pitching, teasing and all.

"So, first of all, I'm going out with Owen Wilson. It's not going well. And he's a professional baseball player, and you know that's gonna go south," she recalled. "So, I have this crazy great date with Paul Rudd, but his dad is asking him to go to jail for him because he's committed a crime. Guys, I don't know what's gonna happen! Am I gonna go with Owen Wilson? Am I gonna go with Paul Rudd? What's gonna happen? And they were like, 'Yes!' It was really fun.'" 

When Meyers asked Witherspoon whether or not the moment was memorable for being cringy or cool, she said she only has fond memories of the bizarre situation.

"It was actually so fun and funny to get to tell people the entire plot of my movie in like three minutes," she said.

Your Place or Mine hits Netflix on Feb. 10.

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