This Celebrity-Inspired Facial Made my Skin Red Carpet-Worthy

No glam squad necessary.

THE SPLURGE: This Facial Will Have You Looking Red Carpet Ready

Courtesy of Fouquets

When it comes to getting lit-from-within skin, celebrities have an obvious advantage, from access to the top aestheticians to the time (and money) to spend at a spa in the first place. But the Red Carpet Facial, offered by Hôtel Barrière Fouquet's New York in the city's TriBeCa neighborhood — a spin-off of the original location in the heart of Paris — offers an experience that's as close as you can get to what the stars enjoy.

The Red Carpet Facial incorporates Biologique Recherche’s Microcurrent Remodeling Face Technology, which targets the face, neck, and décolletage and supposedly takes lifting and sculpting to the next level by, the brand says, restoring elasticity and stimulating circulation. As someone who is constantly seeking the latest developments in skincare, I was game to give it a try.

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Courtesy of Fouquets

Stepping into Spa Diane Barrière, you’re immediately transported to a serene environment that feels miles away from the streets above. First impressions are everything, and the spa's overall ambiance, warm lighting, and friendly staff made it the perfect haven to escape the everyday stresses of city living. After a brief consultation, my aesthetician guided me to a cozy room, where he explained the facial would consist of two primary components; a thorough cleanse followed by the Microcurrent Remodeling process.

The facial began with a deep cleanse using the Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2 Cleansing Milk, which removes impurities from the skin while respecting skin's delicate balance. Next, the aesthetician applied the cult-favorite exfoliating treatment Lotion P50. Following this, he applied a nourishing Féerie Marine Collagen Sheet Mask, which drenches the skin with hydration while simultaneously tightening and firming for a smoother appearance.

Next up was my jawline. First, he applied a platysma chin mask — which, he said, helps to visibly contour. Then, he massaged the mask onto my face and let it soak in for a few moments so my skin could absorb the potent blend of peptides, vitamins, and minerals.

Finally, it was time for the main event: the Microcurrent Remodeling process. Using a device that emits low-frequency electrical currents, the aesthetician carefully manipulated my skin's facial muscles to stimulate circulation and tighten contours. It supposedly works by improving muscle memory and boosting collagen production, ultimately providing a more youthful appearance — and I could actually feel my muscles contracting and relaxing as the currents worked their magic. Although this sensation felt unusual, it wasn’t painful.

Afterwards, he applied a concoction of serums targeting my personal skin concerns, like dullness and dryness, followed by the luxurious Creme VIP 02 to seal in all that nourishing goodness.

THE SPLURGE: This Facial Will Have You Looking Red Carpet Ready

Courtesy of Fouquets

As the facial came to an end, I couldn't wait to see the results. My skin looked radiant, plump, and noticeably firmer; the immediate lift in my face left me in awe. The experience didn’t end there. After my facial, I took some time to enjoy the steam room, sauna, and pool, too. After giving my face the celebrity treatment, I figured my body deserved TLC, too.

Since my spa visit, my skin has only continued to improve. If that doesn't make for a worthwhile splurge, I'm not sure what will.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products and treatments that are worth it. This week, why we're loving the Red Carpet Facial at Spa Diane Barrière, despite the $425 price tag.

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