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The 80-degree heat is saying that it’s not quite fall yet, but that's not stopping us from enjoying cold weather comfort foods, like this hearty, warm noodle dish that's super filling yet diet-friendly. After all, comfort food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy, and this wholesome “supper bowl” with egg, broccoli, peas, rice noodles, and miso—a dream combo—proves just that.

This one-bowl dinner recipe comes from Supper Love ($16, amazon.com), a new cookbook from the “king of salads,” David Bez. In 2012, the former Italian art director and designer challenged himself to bring a different salad to work everyday and documented his creations on his blog SaladPride, which eventually turned into the bestselling book, Salad Love ($17; amazon.com). Now Bez is back with a new cookbook stocked with 130 “supper bowl” recipes. Every bowl is broth-based and consists of a healthy mix of veggies, protein, and toppings, with options ranging from light and fresh, to hearty and hot, like the miso bowl. Plus, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, Bez offers modifications to his recipes to adjust to any kind of diet.

If you find yourself in London, you can stop by Pride Kitchen, where Bez cooks up beautiful plant-based meals, just like the ones in his famed cookbooks. And if you’re not on a European getaway? Scroll down to find out just how easy it is to make this satisfying broth bowl for a lazy weeknight dinner.

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Miso Noodle Bowl With Egg, Broccoli and Peas

How to Make It

Combine the ingredients into a bowl. 
1 cup water
1 cup chopped raw vegetable off-cuts and scraps (no potatoes)
1/2 onion
2 bay leaves
Boil in a pan for at least 1 hour, then strain.

Chef's Notes

Omnivore Alternative: Replace the egg with 50 g salt beef.

Cookbook Source

Recipe excerpted with permission from Supper Love by David Bez, published by Quadrille September 2017, RRP $22.99 hardcover.

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