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5 Mins Minutes

The true secret to throwing a great party isn't an expensive cheese board or a parade of Top Chef-worthy appetizers; it's simplifying. Forget what Pinterest is telling you, the best parties I've ever been to are the ones where the host is un-frazzled and able to untangle themselves from the kitchen to enjoy the company of their guests. Too often, parties get bogged down by big ideas and too many to-dos.

Enter this 5-minute punch recipe from expert mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer. "This drink is ideal for entertaining at holiday gatherings and simplifies serving larger groups."

Translation: This recipe is your ticket out of standing behind the bar all night making complicated cocktails.

Not only is the punch easy, it's also a crowd pleaser. "The cranberry notes and port play perfectly with the prosecco," Witznitzer says. "It's low proof, tart, and tasty!" For her batches, Wiznitzer prefers using the fine-bubbled, citrus-noted Ruffino Prosecco ($12; and garnishing each glass with a twisted lemon peel.

Read on for the recipe to your party savior, a 5-minute punch that's as sparkling as your glitter lips.

Prosecco & Port Punch

How to Make It

Combine all the ingredients except the prosecco into a large punch bowl.
Stir, and add in your prosecco.
Lightly stir again and garnish, as desired, with lemon wheels and fresh cranberries.

Restaurant Source

Mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer

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