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What's better than a refreshing cocktail to help ease the pain of summer coming to a close? A refreshing cocktail with a fancy ice cube in it, that's what! And that's exactly what N.Y.C.'s Quality Eats is serving up.

The steak joint has teamed up with Pressed Juicery to create the Unicow, a libation featuring pink and blue summer lemonades, frozen together in a cool, striped ice cube. Head Barman Bryan Schneider created the drink, which is available now at Quality Eats West Village and Upper Eastside through Labor Day. Not planning a trip to The Big Apple before then? Get the full recipe below and make it yourself!

The Unicow Cocktail

How to Make It

Shake in a cocktail shaker and strain into a rocks glass over a Pressed Juicery striped lemonade cube.
*To make the striped cube: In a 2” ice cube mold, add 1 oz Pressed Juicery Pink Lemonade. Put in freezer until frozen solid (about 2 hours). Add 1oz Pressed Juicery Blue Lemonade. Put in freezer until frozen solid. Alternate blue and pink layers until mold is filled.

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Quality Eats

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