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Attention, gin lovers: You're going to want to add this recipe to your cocktail repertoire. Today, April 9, marks National Gin & Tonic Day, and we're bringing you an updated formula that is sure to impress any gin aficionado. Hailing from N.Y.C. craft cocktail bar The Up & Up, head bartender Chaim Dauermann graciously shared his recipe for the Insanely Good Gin & Tonic, and just as the name suggests, it really is insanely good.

"From a bartending perspective, the Insanely Good Gin & Tonic at Up & Up represents the results of an effort to combine the ease and consistency of a bottled tonic with the aesthetic and palate of a house-made tonic," Dauermann told InStyle. "From a drinking perspective, what I wanted to do was take everything that one loves about the gin and tonic and dial it up a notch. We've taken the distinctive and citrus-forward Brooklyn Gin and married it with Q Tonic. The additions of Suze, Angostura bitters, and our house lime cordial give this drink a backbone that has won it many ardent fans."

As you probably know, the classic cocktail is usually made with the most basic of components: gin and tonic (duh), and maybe a squeeze of lime. Kind of boring, right? But with Dauermann's addition of a couple unique ingredients, this recipe is a major step up from your average G&T. He even makes his own homemade lime cordial for the drink (that recipe is top secret!), but it's easily substituted with lime juice. Read below to see exactly how to make the drink. Cheers!


How to Make It

Add gin, Suze, lime cordial (or lime juice) and bitters to a chilled Collins glass (12 ounce size) and mix. Top with ice and Q Tonic. Finish with a lime wheel garnish.

Restaurant Source

The Up & Up

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