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There are few drinks more satisfying than a hot toddy. Any whiskey lover will attest that the cocktail, made with liquor, water, honey, tea, and assorted spices, is the quintessential winter drink (it's even been known to help remedy flu-like symptoms). What's more, it is very simple to make. If you need proof, we tapped our friends over at The Marlton Hotel in downtown New York City, whose cozy fireplace lounge is the ideal place to hunker down in frigid temperatures. "There's a magic time of year when it becomes just cold enough outside to crave a hot toddy," says senior bartender Corey Ashton. The time is now, people.


Hot Toddy

How to Make It

1. Build in clear coffee mug and top with hot Earl Gray tea.
2. Garnish with a lemon wedge, if desired. 

Restaurant Source

The Marlton Hotel

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