courtesy of Lorena Garcia’s New Taco Classics
Active Time
5 Mins Minutes
4 servings

We're always on the hunt for simple homemade condiments to add to our repertoire. They have to be easy throw together in a pinch and consist of easy to find ingredients that are most likely always in your pantry, even if you’re not an avid cook. Plus it needs to be so yummy and versatile that it works with almost any dish. We’re happy to say that this pico from celebrity chef Lorena Garcia checks all three boxes. 

“It’s my interpretation of the classic Brazilian vinaigrette,” reflects Garcia who opts for including both bell peppers and jalapeños instead of just bell peppers, which is what’s traditionally used in some parts of the country it hails from. And if you’re wondering what to enjoy it with, well, everything. “Traditionally it is served with feijoada (black bean stew),” says Garcia, but don’t stop there. “It works well on top of grilled meat or fish. I even enjoy it over white rice,” she shares, and it would of course be absolutely refreshing with a bowl of chips. 

What's more to love is that this simple recipe is coming from a total #girlboss whose latest project takes the cake. Just last month the Venezuelan-born kitchen genius opened up Chica, the latest dining experience in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. This is no small feat considering that Garcia is the first female chef to open a Latin cuisine restaurant on the Vegas strip, which is dominated by male culinary heavyweights including Joël Robuchon, José Andrés, and Wolfgang Puck. Plus the new spot is filling in the former DB Brasserie space—big shoes to fill, but we don’t doubt her for a second. 

Brazilian Pico De Gallo

How to Make It

In a nonreactive bowl, place tomatoes, peppers, onions, jalapeño, and parsley. Toss with vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and water. Season with salt. 
Let pico sit at room temperature for 15–20 minutes before serving.

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